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Plans for a Portable Solar Water Heater

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  • Plans for a Portable Solar Water Heater

    From Mother Earth News

    Most of us have — at one time or another — longed for the luxury of a hot shower while on the road or trail. Well, there's no need to yearn any longer, because I've come up with a portable solar water heater that will cost you less than $10 to build and can be folded and carried in a backpack, suitcase, car or boat!

    Not only that, it's also amazingly easy to construct this heating unit. Here's what you need to put one together: one auto inner tube, a length of used garden hose, a 1/2-inch plastic pipe coupler, a small clamp, a male hose connector, a hose valve or nozzle, and some good-quality rubber-sealing compound.

    More at link, along with pictures!

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    That many come in handy one day soon.
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      very good tip. I have gotten similar results with laying water jerry cans on a black poncho as well. The tube will be more portable and hot for sure. Thanks OZzzzzz!
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        Sounds pretty nifty. I'll admit I've used the commercial "Solar Shower" bag type deals many times with wonderful (cleansing, refreshing) results. After going long periods without a proper shower, whether you use a DIY or commercial kit it'll be the cats ass! Throw in some Dr. BRonner's peppermint soap and it's like a lil' slice of heaven! Having lots of sun helps........

        Keep up the good work ladies!
        Well, for me, the action is the juice.....I'm in.


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          Originally posted by Mags View Post
          Dr. BRonner's ....
          Was that message for me? ;)
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            Nah, just reenforceing it so it's clear as mud for my Xcolony peeps.:D
            Well, for me, the action is the juice.....I'm in.


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              This will make for a great weekend project. I would really love this for my trip this summer.
              and Mags.....YES Dr. Bronner's it is!!! Got it! :D
              Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
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                I forgot to mention that the commercial "bag type" shower I have/used will pull double duty as a water storage bag as well. It's not as sturdy as an MSR Dromedary Bag but, it'll work fine in a pinch.
                Well, for me, the action is the juice.....I'm in.


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                  Mother earth news, backwoods home magazine, they have all sorts of great info. thanks
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