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How to Make Your Own Deodorant

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  • How to Make Your Own Deodorant

    For those special moments... :D

    How to Make Your Own Deodorant

    Dry Deodorant #1
    Plain baking soda works wonders because it neutralizes odors. If it can neutralize the odor of a cat litter box, imagine what it will do for your underarms.

    Fill a small shaker container or tin and just sprinkle a light covering of baking soda onto a damp washcloth. Pat on. Don’t rinse. For a fragranced deodorant powder, add a few mint or bay leaves to the tin.

    Dry Deodorant #2
    Combine the following in a plastic zipper bag,
    1/2 cup baking soda
    1/2 cup cornstarch
    a few mint or bay leaves
    Shake well and pour into a tin with a lid.

    To use: apply with dry washcloth & dust on. Alternately reuse an empty spice jar and sprinkle onto damp armpit. For unscented deodorant, omit the bay or mint leaves.

    Liquid Deodorant #1
    1/4 cup witch hazel extract
    1/4 cup aloe vera gel
    1/4 cup water
    1 teaspoon vegetable glycerin
    a few drops essential oils, if you prefer fragranced deodorant.
    Combine all in a spray bottle, shake well. Will keep almost forever

    Liquid Deodorant #2
    1 cup rubbing alcohol
    1 cup baking soda
    Mix thoroughly and keep in a spray bottle. Apply as you would any spray or pump deodorant

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    Hmmm. Copying to my "book". What'n'ell else am I forgetting?
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      The wife would like that while camping.
      In my lumpy chair


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        cool we all could use some when out in the boonies.a body can get funky!!!!


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          I would be careful in a crisis to look to clean or well groomed, but thanks for the info anyway
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            Thanks for this...I will definitely try to make a couple of these.

            I will second lailr also, though...I will tell you from experience: I was on the Appalachian Trail, and about a week & 1/2 into it (I bathed only with creek water and silt from the bottom of the creek) I was hiking, and thought to myself, There is someone new on the trail...that is a new scent. Sure enough, about a mile later I came up on a couple setting up camp, and they had just come onto the trail that day or the day before. Smelling nice is great in the normal every day world...but when the stuff htf I'll be trying to be as scentless as possible.