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    This site shows different structures built using wooden pallets. Perhaps it will give you some ideas. One person built a chicken coop using pallets. (pics on the site)

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    I have actually been looking for some pallets for my compost pile to make a bin. I just went to get them where I saw them by the road. They were still there. Yipppeeee! Then I got out of the car opened the trunk and oops. I sold my Blazer. I'm in a Saturn Ion now. Big Bummer! They wouldn't fit. I'm going back tomorrow with a hammer and a prybar to take them apart. LOL I will get them some how. I hate relying on someone else to do things for me. I asked my nephew to get me some a while back but Hm......haven't seen hide nor hair of him. I think these sheds are just fabulous! Thanks for the link. I may have to look in to this too. wow my summer is filling up with projects. And they're all ones you have posted. Hmmmm...........What's that all about?????
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