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Cleaning Squirrels

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  • Cleaning Squirrels

    There is a simple, effective cleaning method that hunters have been using for generations. I call it the "Slit, step, pull method" of skinning.

    Squirrel is rarely available to buy commercially, but it is possible to track it down in areas where hunters are active. However, federal law makes it illegal for a licensed hunter to sell wild game, so the only realistic way to get hold of this elusive meat is to secure some as a clearly understood gift.

    Also, a squirrel cleaning video on YouTube


    I sure hope these are needed and informative because, well, I feel nauseous.

  • #2
    that guy is wasting it.he killed it just for the legs?:mad:


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      Originally posted by themachenic, View Post
      that guy is wasting it.he killed it just for the legs?:mad:
      Did he? I couldn't bring myself to watch all of it. If you come across a better video, please post it! Thanks!


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        it looked like he cut something off the body and put it into the bag. my wife said it was similar to how she did as a kid put they used all but head, feet, tail and guts.


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          looks like he cut the legs off.and a 1/4 of the back then wasted the rest.


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            damn that guy butchered that thing im surprised he had anything left.


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              I always made a cut Across the back , then with both hands pulled the skin in opposite directions,removed the feet and head very similar to the video except I removed the intestines and cooked as much as I could. There is very little meat to be had from the back and ribs and that's probably why he discarded that part of the animal.
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