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  • Quads!

    Quadrangles... Maps. I noticed another thread on maps but it said only top quality very large maps. These are top quality topographic 7.5 minute maps and you can get any quad you want for free all you need is Google Earth and MapFinder, a free app. If you've done any travelling by map and compass, orienteering, then you have probably used a quad because most other maps are not detailed enough for actual travel on the ground. These maps do not show large areas, they show small ones in great detail in order to actually move yourself arcoss the landscape. Thanks to the USGS you can now get all the quads of your area or the area you want to bug-out to.
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    Digging thru some oldie threads and thought this might be of interest. the last part of the original link is bad but this will take you to the main page
    Digital Data Services, Inc. Provides Digital Map Data for Mapping Related Applications. This includes Land Grid, Elevation Data, Satellite & Aerial Imagery
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      Been using USGS and/or military maps for many years. Good maps = efficient travel. Bad maps = You lost fool!!! LOL! I've been in countries that had almost no maps and that can make getting to point B almost impossible If good maps are not available your better off using satellite or aerial maps if you learn how to use them.



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        Originally posted by dalewick View Post
        if you learn how to use them.

        No truer words were ever said and that is a mighty big if.

        I taught old school "Lane Navigation" at Fort Belvoir to OCS types. As you said if one knows how to use them. Having the best maps doesn't imply one knows how to use them.

        A good bud was with a Striker (M126) unit in the sand box part II. To me, their Nav system was unbelievable just use the satellites and it was infallible! Old school with a quality map and compass is quite a different exercise.