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Diy gasifier

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    $4 a shell, that is a major ouch!
    I just checked and S&B box of 20 is $26.89 for 17.5mm/0.69" rubber ball.
    The first bear was a big boar (US for male) and the Pitts convinced him to beat feet. The second was smaller; I put one 9mm over his head and he stared at me. The second as a rubber ball and he left quickly.


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      I'll look for some in the big city, none here.


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        As local stores are too expensive for my wallet or it falls into unobtainable category; I purchase ammo etc. online. I'm fairly certain slow, rudderless Joe will change that. In California, online ammo purchases must be shipped to a FFL.


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          yea ou PM just shat on us sorts again. will wait till I renew before I give a damn


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            Originally posted by Armyjimbo View Post
            yea ou PM just shat on us sorts again. will wait till I renew before I give a damn
            How did Trudeau Jr. shat on y'alls again?

            Your PM and our (p)resident. Add them together and the sum is less than zero.

            The P in Jen (p)Saki's name is silent; so, I thought a silent P is fitting for (p)resident Biden.

            Biden appears to be in hiding. Baby formula shortage and Jill does the photo op. One military jet filled with baby formula is less than a day's supply. Jill went to Ukraine, again no slow Joe in sight.
            Methinks, the resident lacks a set except when he's screwing up.


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              the confiscation program for banned guns (buyback) Government never owned mine so insert extortion

              -magazine restrictions, outlawing pinned mags and requiring permanently altered instead. are they paying for it?

              -funding for provincial handgun bans Illegal it's a federal law, provinces can't do anything. the libs are looking at handing this hot potato , looks good, but illegal.


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                Ukraine was on the same path; that was until the Russians invaded. Now, if one is over 18 and signs a paper, in return, they receive an AK, a few magazines and barely enough ammunition to fight a war. OTOH, the Ukrainians can forage the dead orcs for more.

                As both our nations have the wrong people in charge and have educated our children to believe what they want them to believe; we are all in a very bad situation.