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    This is my lessons learned as an intel analyst in an asymetric environment and my attempt to answer questions like what do we do next?

    Length: 23 Pages

    License: Free to download, share, modify and distribute for non-commercial and commercial use.

    It's too large to upload so I'll attach a direct link to the PDF:

    Size: 169 KB

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    After being a uniformed soldier who has fought in asymmetric warfare roles, I pity the fool. Fighting a COIN is hard, if the insurgent for lack of a better term decides todays not the day, the unit still has to patrol and show it's safe. One small distraction and an incident occurs. War is 95% boredom 4% of WTF and 1% of sheer terror.
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      Very true.

      When I was light infantry and you're spot on.

      There are other jobs that may change your percentages. Some artillery units stay on a division's basecamp and others are at FSBs to provide an artillery umbrella for the infantry unit. At FSB Burt, AKA Battle of Suối Cụt, the artillery experienced a mass attack.
      BTW, Vietnam was the first American war where infantry almost always could call in a fire mission.

      On a later tour, I opted (volunteered) to be a door gunner on a Huey gunship. Yes, gunships are always in the mix as almost always something is going on in an infantry division's AO.

      Here's a list of infantry battalions in the 25th Infantry Division.

      However, the list is incorrect. I know how could the internet be wrong? LOL
      Anyhow the internet's list of infantry battalions in the 25th is missing some..
      [quote}I decided to visit the c with which I had fought my first tour mostly as a rifle platoon leader in Company B, 1st Battalion (Mechanized), 5th Infantry (The "Bobcat" Regiment), of the 25th Infantry Division located at Cu Chi and Dau Tieng in Hau Nghia Province.[/quote]

      As Sourdough says "boots on the ground" and the internet has incorrect information.


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        If you're occupying , you have to be lucky everyday. If your the guerrilla force, one in a while is good enough.


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          Originally posted by Armyjimbo View Post
          If you're occupying , you have to be lucky everyday. If your the guerrilla force, one in a while is good enough.

          The advantage of a guerrilla force is usually they can pick the time and place..