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Herb Garden made w/ soda bottles

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  • Herb Garden made w/ soda bottles

    I thought this was really neat if you grow your own :)
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    kind of neat. I like instructables, the stuff some of these people come up with!!
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      Niki09 and Brosia,

      Inspired by the old, early 80s Mother Earth News I have always used 2 and 3 liter drink bottles to make great drip irrigation for water-thirsty vine plants like cukes, cantalopes, and watermelon. when you block up the bottles with a porus cloth, it will take days to empty out and will provide steady moisture to plants that need it most.
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        Nice find :)


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        beat you to death with it because it is empty.

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          I hate it when you guys paste links in here!
          I click on it and get lost in another web site for 20-30 minutes wandering around looking.

          I dont really hate it, was just telling you in my round bout way I do like them.