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Basic Knot Tying

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  • Basic Knot Tying

    Often overlooked but absolutely crucial the right knot can make a job 1000 times easier or be the difference between working or not working

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    Love the! I like the animations. I have been trying for years to do knots with the Cub Scouts, and I end up bringing in Boy Scouts everytime to teach them because I can "knot" get it!
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      I used to teach knot tieing in the US Army (no wonder we lost WW2). If like me you are not actually right handed but left handed, all the diagrams are ass backwards! Believe me, this almost cost me a promotion! NO, Wait, it did cost me a promotion! I want my effin promotion!
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        Good links Diesel :)

        ROTFLMAO kenno!!! I know exactly how you feel bud... Gotta deanimate, translate, and then visualize the CORRECT way of doing it...

        Speaking of the 'left', ever try to take apart a M1A bolt left handed with wrong handed directions??? That was a PIA:mad:


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          Much obliged on the fantastic links on knots. Even though I have a deck of Knot Playing Cards and an additional small book Knots by Peter Owen, I will find these links and the books and videos mentioned to be a lifetime's worth of exploration as well.

          Who'd a thunk that there would be mathematics and theory behind making knots? And who knew that The Ashley Book of Knots was and is the godfather of all knot books? Now I know which book I want next.

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