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  • Citizen Soldier

    I found this the other day in the surplus store. I'm a big fan of the Military issue field manuals, but for someone without military experience or mil field manuals. I found this to be a pretty interesting book for the everyday citizen. it covers topics such as: possible threats, citizen's defense, organization and build up of resistance, combat, intel, psychological ops, Emergency supplies, crime watch, etc.
    This is written by an ex-Green Beret, he even explains marksmanship, hand grenades, clamore mines, etc. As a Civilian these are skills difficult to aquire even with the MIL FMs.

    Published in '93 so its probally not on the shelf, Cover price $17.95. I paid $5
    I saw it on Amazon for $42!

    I found it for sale here for $7.50 (I don't know anything about this website):

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    Frugals is another preparedness website...huge, been around for a long, long time.


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      Sounds nice! Thanks for the heads-up!


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        No friend of Frugals... but the book is nice... there is also a Minuteman handbook that is sorta like a companion piece to it (actually the MM was written in the late 50-60's) and this was a more modern one...

        Great book :)


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