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    Originally posted by Echo2 View Post
    Speaking of shoes....I'll let you guys in on a tip....

    buy SHOE-GOO...or something lots of it....but buy it in small containers.

    I have had every tube of the stuff set in the neck after only a few months of being opened.....any....ANY air will cause it to set.

    but it is a multi use adhesive....and you can rebuild a sole with it if necessary....patch clothes (no sewing)...adhere patches....make ghili suits....whatever....:)
    Have to agree, Shoo goo greatest stuff since duck tape.



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      I would have to say Lacrosse is my favorite. They were great right out of the box, with no break-in time at all. I also have Danners and a couple of other pair. Plenty of laces for several different kinds of shoes and boots. Probably enough shoes and boots to last through my lifetime if TSHTF.

      Chefsimms: not to speak for 101Airborne, but a size larger and smaller is a good idea. Your feet continue to grow your whole lifetime, so in time you may need a larger size. A dramatic weightloss may require a smaller size. They would also be a great barter item if need be.
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        I'm mainly Rocky and lean to gortex and thinsulate. Have a pair of felt lined Sorels for heavy winter, LeCrosse knee highs for wet weather, Bates zip up Gortex (the boots I wear on the cycle) and a pair or Merrell hike shoes that I replaced my sneakers with since they're lighter and give better support. Plus they don't have holes in them :) also have an older pair of Red Head hikers from Bass Pro that have worn excellent for me over the years

        I hadn't thought about doing the several sizes bigger for the kids but I'll start on that next sale we have.

        Where do you all find the best deals? I typically hit a few boot barns near us that have great deals. I'm always leary to buy online as I have a time finding shoes and boots that fit properly and I don't want the hassel of sending them back and forth. I hate that sizes are no were close to being standard. in most shoes I wear a 13 wide though I have a pair of Justin cowboy boots that are a 11 1/2 wide and others that are 12. An issue I run into often is a 12 is tight and a 13 is loose. everything else now days they have mid sizes except shoes. Wish someone made shoes and boots in a 12 1/2 lol
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          Three pair hiking boots, one brand new, three pair of work boots, one new, two pair of hunting boots. All water proof. All but hiking boots at least 400 gram insulation, so I think i'm pretty set.
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