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How many here have a night vision device as part of your preps?

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    nothing fancy, expensive or bulky, a Night Vision Monocular just so I'm not totally blind.
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      I have a Gen 1 commie great with full moon...deer hunting out in the dugas area it was ok.
      in the city with some street lit up the shadows..and I could see people in the dark..better
      than nothing...I believe this would give you a advantage in a street fire fight..or just moving out of the
      way...of a larger hostile force . ;)


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        I am looking to buy some night vision in the next 2 months . I would like something I can use hands free and also use to shoot with / ride my 4 wheeler . I want something reasonably priced . Also I know that you all have different ideas . But Could you guys give me some ideas as the what would be a good device at a reasonable price . I see them anywhere form $300. to $19000.
        Thanks for any help in this
        Robert W
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          picking some up right after cruiz I have used them before and they are a deal changer for sure but driving with them is a little hard to get use to


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            Originally posted by countryboy6685 View Post
            .... something I can use hands free and also use to shoot with / ride my 4 wheeler .

            Robert W
            Lots of folks are gonna be real surprised to find how difficult it is to just walk while wearing them .... if ya got em, get out and use em.

            Things are seldom what they seem.


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              We found a nv scope for $400, was good but way to heavy to really keep looking around! We ended up getting a Bushnell monocular instead, only $150 and is enough to keep an eye out at night, glad we got it!


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                We have thought about night vision, but wasn't sure since we will be staying put if we would really need them. Maybe after reading some of the post here, we should look more into the idea of getting one. Where we live we have a great view of both entries into and out of our neighborhood. We can see everyone coming and going from our house.


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                  I had a night vision scope for a while, it was a cheap one and did not work that great. I gave it away. I want to get another night vision devise, but am not sure what to get, is it true the more you pay the better it is? , because a lot of the night vision I have looked at are very expensive. How much should I except to pay?
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                    I have both a viewing Gen III scope/rangefinder and scope for my long gun that is Gen III. I do not like the quality of the Gen IV scopes. Maybe in a few years.

                    I just bought a Thermal Image scope that I love for night hunting. it is good to 300-400 meters. Great for hogs!!!!


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                      Anybody have any experience with the Armalite Spark series? Supposedly new Gen 1 upgraded Mult-purpose NV the cost (~$500) and the multi-purpose (hand held, head/helmet mounted, scope add on) features. No experience with the performance though.


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                        Looking to buy some night vision gear any suggestions on some night vision equipment that is good but not to expensive


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                          Used them for 20 years in the military.... You really get what you pay for....ITT is one of the best on the market...Go Gen III. You will not regret the cost in the long run.


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                            Ahhh, yes, I remember using the NVGs in the Army. So much fun. But they were slightly out of my price range. Yeah, way slightly. I opted to go with a regular civilian handheld for now. The Yukon 4x50 mm Spirit Night Vision Monocular. I like it, and use it at all Scout campouts. Best way to keep an eye on the boys. I believe that it is better to have a low-end (as in not military and rifle mounted) NVG now than lacking what I really want - after it is too late.


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                              I have PVS 14's and would not want anything else. Used them when I was in the Army from 98-06. They are a game changer for both the defensive and offensive arena. My recommendation is if you do purchase NV devices that you practice movement with them. Don't hold off using them for the first time when you really need them. We use to watch the newbies try and navigate throught the woods with them and let me tell you, that was some funny stuff. You need to get use to the depth preception issues if you have never used them. It is nothing really big, but it is just somethinng to be aware of, especially moving through a woodland enviroment with limbs to run into.

                              Stay safe and ready


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                                i have used them off/on for years starting in v/Nam. 1 gen was u could tell a man form a goom-ba"" (water buffalo)CAUSE if u shot a wterbuffalo, it was a 1500$ expense to the j.a.g. corp. and a fwew $ out od ur pay. all else was a v.c. suspect. used in s.Amer, but flir was coming worked bigger and faster

                                bought a set when i got back into military stuff. pv-s-14's gen 3.
                                if u buy any at all buy 3rd gen only.

                                do not carry them daily but do always take them when i go on the road to work. live on 28 acres so i can see all types of fun things in my back yard which is 3ooyds to the tree line.

                                i carry several things on the road but never in town due to expense and regulatory control. too much to explain if stolen. not likely but still .......

                                they are what rules the nite for us everywhere. i am a govt supplier, list with d.o.s. and n.s.n. i STILL ONLY sell to verifiable
                                people i can be sure they wont wind up in a/Stan.

                                good n.o.d.'s sell for 2800 to 3500 for pv-s-14"s so be careful. DO NOT buy stuff with an n.s.n. on them/fell off a truck etc.

                                KNOW THIS. very few people understand how to use. op sec is in place. 1 point to remember they DO NOT mount on the weapon.
                                solid reasons. u need to talk to a hi speed user who can expalin in person. we teach a 3 day class for approved people but only WORK AT NITE. sleep eat pee,shoot, drive etc. so its a very complex issue.

                                happy to help,ask if i can help