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If your at work...

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  • If your at work...

    If you are at work and SHTF what are you going to do?

    Friends, family, co-workers how will you handle it?

    Where is your BOB?

    How do you get to it?

    What if all the roads are blocked or worse?
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    I keep my tire knocker and walking shoes in the truck I drive to work. Always have a flat of 20 oz bottles of water in it, too. Work on military post, so can't keep my favorite gat, tire knocker will have to do.

    If I have to walk, I'd walk home almost the whole way on one of the ranges, it's 12 miles by road, probably 20 on the range.

    My Get Home Bag is a large fanny pack and has a long sleeved shirt, fleece sweatshirt, pair of socks, flashlight, granola bars, multi tool, matches, and folding hat (this is a mile high in Arizona, hot in the day, cold at night). Have a folding stool that weighs under two pounds. Needs a chapstick and sunblock.

    If I can take the truck, I might stay on that same range and run the fence somewhere. Hmmmm. Need some wire cutters put in the truck.
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      I really hope that I have my ear to the ground a bit better than not to get caught in the "awwww crap" time.

      I own the other than the boss being an ass....he doesn't mind guns around.....first it cell....or be it short wave.....would be to tell the wife to enact plan "A".....hook to the trailer and start the load out process.

      I load out a utility body work truck with essential tooling and the welder/ generator...and roll out to rally point....or home....which ever the SHTF dictates.

      Next call goes to the BOL to state we are enacting "Alpha".....this will have them keep their ears to the radio with updates from us....and the other members of the group.....if we are stopped from moving mechanically....we will try to make it to one of several rally points along the way.....and call in when we get there....hopefully help will be coming from both directions.

      We have planned for many different contingencies....but one can never plan for them all.....improvise....adapt....overcome.....
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        I have a 2 hour commute to work. When I get there I get in my truck and I'm another 2 to 5 hours from the yard. When I'm gone I go for 5-7 days at a time. If it's a full EMP and I have to walk the wife knows what to do.
        If it's anything other then that I have 2 lg bags I travel with. Most of it is work cloths and other work related items but I have managed to put together a BOB. Some items aren't allowed on location but I never flaunt them and my safety comes first. In the event that I need to get home I can take the time to go threw my bags in my truck and put together my GHB. It's set up for about 4 days but I should be able to hunt and fish my way back to where my family will be.


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          I'm in about the same boat as Skyowls Wife no weapons allowed on the property. but I am fairly close to work about 10 miles. I'm glad you have a plan bill, that is quit a ways to go. It is also very good that your wives know what to do, Echo and Bill. And as stated above it is best not to be caught with your pants down.
          The government can only give to you what they take from you.


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            My shop is in the woods next to my house and my part time job is a 1.5 miles from my house but even then I always have my EDC bag on me.


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              Both my wife and I work in downtown Greensboro. Assuming that the city is not the epicenter of the event and we are alive to attempt a trek home, we do have a plan. Our offices are about two miles apart. In the event that cars won't run or we need to be on foot for whatever reason, we have a predetermined rally point that is easy to get to for both of us, and is close to our 1st choice "trailhead" for the hike home. I keep my EDC with me in the office, and my GHB (get home bag) in my vehicle. My wife has a GHB as well, but not as well equipped as my own. Between the three bags we should be well prepared should our 15 mile hike home be delayed, rerouted, or extended into an overnighter.
              I have mapped out a few different routes home and familiarized myself with most of the "not so obvious" terrain that we would encounter.
              There is about a 1.5 mile section that runs through the "hood", other than that, we should be fine.
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                Keep a well stocked pack in my truck and only work 1.2 miles from home. Here in IL I am not going to risk jail time to have anything to be carried, but I should be able to get home in 10 or 15 mins with or without a vehicle.
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                  Have everything I need in the truck to get me home. Including extra fuel. If roads closed, make new road. No worries.
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                    let's see your GHB's !! (Get home bags) Post some pics of the gear you have in your vehicle or truck

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                      I'm actually very fortunate that either job I'm at I always have my ghb and weapon.
                      I have a welding shop about 3.5 miles from the house so if I'm there I'm across one main rd and then its all neighborhood driving. Now my part time job takes me further away from the house I do EP work for a Dallas company.
                      At the shop I have extra water,food and a shotgun.
                      At an EP job I have my ghb, water and food as well as a trama bag and shotgun in the trunk. In the cabin of the car is an ar-15 not to mention bullet proof, down side is to get back home I can be 100 miles away and 75 percent is all freeway.
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                        I work in little creek when I am not deployed and live in Yorktown so my commute is a long one in a SHTF scenario the worst part is the Hampton roads bridge tunnel I my GHB includes a .40 pistol and carbine rifle of the same cal along with my EDC 9MM this is still the part I the thought of going down there is not a good one.


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                          Always have a bug out bag in vehicle If at work family knows to grab theirs and meet a set up check point Each one of my girls has bug out bag in car and wife who des not drive has one at home.


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                            Depending on where I am, my BOB is always in my car. My commute isn't bad, about 15 miles one way. I don't relish the thought of walking, but I could do it if Ihad to. I would have to cross one bridge that goes over a river. Could be an issue in the wrong scenario i.e. an earthquake knocks it down.

                            If I had to bug in at work I would be O.K. for three to five days. I could make the office tolerable or move to a different part of the building that might be safer i.e a nuclear event.

                            If I am traveling and far from home I have nothing with me but my wits. You can't take a BOB on an airplane, at least not mine. I try to take some things I can get away with like a flashlight, but you are really limited.
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                              I work about 6 miles from home so I could walk it. I always have my everyday bag in the car. I could stay at work for at least 5 days. Wife works from home 80% of the time so she would probably be home.