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    Well, it depends on what the emergency is. We keep 72 hr/GHBs in the car so we are in good shape for the most likely scenarios if crap happens while we are all out and about.

    If it's a bug-in deal (always Plan A for us) then my wife or I can start the procedures. If we are both working, she will have to go and get our daughter from the main sitter (a little over an hour to walk round trip.) If my daughter is at the backup sitter (my parents,) one of us will just go to her (and stay there if the car is unavailable, an hour to walk one way.) My parents place is Plan A-1 (bug-in, alternate location) as their city has it's own power and water plant separate from Detroit.

    Chances are high I would be home since I'm currently part time. If I was at work, I would probably finish out my shift. There are worse places I could be, I am a jailer at the local PD. Fortunately, the station is only 2 miles from home, so it's about 1/2 an hour to walk. The wife also works 2 miles from home (in the other direction.) She would be more free to leave.

    If it's bug-out time and Plan A-1 is not far enough out of the Danger Zone, we will have to load up the car with the Ready Supplies (several Rubber-Made bins of stuff) and head out. We do not have a BOL of our own yet, so we would likely head to the Sister-in-Law's place 3 hours away (by car.) Finding residence and employment out of the Metro-Detroit area is one of the long term goals. I deem that more pressing than buying land or a cabin for a BOL (which will delay any long term plans to move.) I want to live in my BOL. Until then, we are somewhat limited in our options.
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      My wife and I work 4 miles from home. Different locations. I would go to her location and probably have to convince her this is really happening and we should go home.

      One possible problem will be the students. We both work in education. My students are adults. Her's are handicapped and usually under the age of 6. If the student's parents can't or won't make it to the school, and believe me there are some parents that won't even try, what do we do with the kids? She will have a strong emotional desire to take care of those kids even if it puts her at risk.

      I don't know of any law requiring a part-time teacher aide to go down with the ship, but it will be an issue if the SHTF while she is at work.
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        Mangler - tough spot on your wife. I might stay for a reasonable amount of time to see who shows to get their kids. But after that, as hard as it would be, in a true full blown SHTF/ TEOTWAWKI she has to put her and her families needs and safety over those of even those children.

        As for my own situation I'm pretty much so screwed. I cover 6 states for work so I can be anywhere from a 1hr to a 9 hr drive from home, just depends on the week. At whatever point I may need to abandon my car, I keep a plastic box in my trunk with some gear that can quickly be moved into my backpack that I carry my clothes for the week in (I find it easier then a suitcase). I also keep 2 or 3 - 1.5L water bottles in the trunk.

        Since I have to travel thru anti gun states like NY, NJ, & MD I have to go sans a firearm. However I think I could pull out my car tire wrench to at least give me something for a weapon.

        Big picture is that it would likely take days or even weeks to cover the distance. One extra hope is depending on where I am, I might have friends or family close to my route to try to hop thru working my way home.
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