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preserving meat without refrigeration

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  • preserving meat without refrigeration

    I hope this is the right place to post this -
    I do a weekly radio show now, talking about topics related to preparedness for the home, garden and food. Tomorrow night I'll be talking about how to preserve meat.
    I hope you'll join me for it,the show on blogtalk radio has a chat. We also take questions and comments from there and there is also a call in number for folks who want to talk about the subject. I'll try and post some of my notes.
    SHTF Radio Survival, Disaster, Emergency and Preparedness online radio and podcast show. Visit Us @

    Wednesdays at 8 eastern.

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    I'll try to catch your show. Looking forward to it. Keep us all updated..


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      That's 1700 our time, and we have a dinner engagement tomorrow night. Do they have it so we can play it later? Will save Wednesday's for you from now on.
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        yes, the show remains in the archive, easily accessable (same link). It's just not as much fun as getting into the chat and kibitzing during the show. lol


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          I will start trying to check it out live on Wednesdays.