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Who to avoid when SHTF!

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  • Who to avoid when SHTF!

    I have been following the story where the Dallas police tazered some guy over and over until he died. Just another incident in a string of incidents where these nutcase high school bullies go off the hook. My opinion is if the SHTF avoid any authority figure be it police or military. They will take your shit and kill you faster than any criminal.

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    I don't know about you, but I know some very fine men and woman that are LEO's! So to put every LEO in a group to avoid because you think that they are all killers and theifs is just plan wrong!!
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      Well it's a good thing I didn't do that then. I don't consider myself to be either. In any case, if everything is in the crapper it's best to err on the side of caution. The less interactions you have the better. And avoiding people who are heavily armed and could only be there as a result of Marshall Law...priceless.


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        I'd avoid anybody in a position of authority because the risk of a confrontation is too great and the consequences are too high.

        We really shouldn't try to make a generalization about a category of people. I know a lot of good LEO. But I also know that
        it does sometimes attract a type of person who wants authority over other people. If 1 in 10 are like that, its too much of a

        I've had great interactions with LEO, and I've had some where they think they are king because they wear a uniform. If
        I had a video camera I'm certain I'd be a little wealthier right now at the expense of other taxpayers. LEOs need to
        root the bad ones from amongst their ranks if they don't want to be viewed with extra suspicion.
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          Originally posted by Rednekdaddy View Post
          I don't know about you, but I know some very fine men and woman that are LEO's! So to put every LEO in a group to avoid because you think that they are all killers and theifs is just plan wrong!!
          If the order is given .... your friends will be locking you down hard .... Constitution and Bill of rights be damned.

          Things are seldom what they seem.


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            Well. the good like minded LEO's will have quit and bugged out with the rest of us or their family... its the ones that stick with the Job after SHTF to be worried about....
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              now this one is quite comincal i want to know the one who is still there thats how i can get stuff think motre stuff through guys
              the pack that plays together stays together


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                I think I would avoid anyone who appears to be stronger than myself or my group. Always keep the upper hand.
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                  I myself know a few good leos but I would not trust them as far as I could throw them. their are others I know that if tshtf then they will be the first to avoid and if confronted the first to go. I just seen today a swat team training in my factory wear i work. My town isnt really big enough to even need a swat team. so this raises a red flag in my world. I didnt know any who was training today but it looked like they needed it. I can only hope they are training for the right reasons and they use the training for the right reasons too. I personally dont have any military training formaly that is and I know that they still need some work. they are quite though.
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                    WOW! A good bit of LEO bashing here. Sure there are bad folks in positions of authority. Yes some would take advantage of a bad situation. I must disagree with the original poster in saying that if a SHTF situation presents itself, one should avoid all police because the only ones who have not "bugged out" are the bad ones. Not true at all. Many will stay and work in their community for as long as they can be somewhat effective. Why did some of you join the military? My reason was to protect this country. Why did some of you get into law enforcement? My reason was to protect my family and community. I sure as heck didn't do either for the money..Many cops will stay and continue to do what is needed for their own reasons.. So to say "stay away from all cops" in this situation.... sure do that... Perhaps you will have better luck with your local band of Surenos or Skinheads....

                    Many cops don't have the "survivalist" mindset that all the good folks here do... That does not mean they are going to be the bad guys... I also know survivalist like folks who have no intention of "bugging out" simply becasue they can't....

                    Before passing judgement on many based on the actions of the few... wait to see what the situation presents and then make your evaluation... you might even need those folks to help you get out of dodge,,, safetly...

                    just my 12 cents....
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                      Best bet is to avoid everyone until you have established a secured base of operation. Then you only establish contact if you have the upper hand in case something goes south. Making allies will keep you stronger in the long run.
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                        All I am saying is that when I am on my way out in a shtf sit. I won't be stopping to get directions from anyone. My god bless the ones that stick around for the right reasons .Now I'm not going to stop and ask why they stayed. because i dont know why and maybe if they do help get things settled thats fine . This is not to say that i would stop to help them if the need be ,but the safety of mine comes before all others.I wouldn't stop for the group of skinheads either. I just choose to avoid all unless they are part of my preplanned group. This particuraly for anyone fromly noted to be some sort of police or military figure. There will be frauds out there.


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                          Originally posted by kentuckyshiner85 View Post
                          I just choose to avoid all unless they are part of my preplanned group.
                          My sentiments exactly.

                          Two of my good friends are LEO. I would trust them with my life... Not because they are LEO, but because they are good friends.
                          There are good people and bad people out there. Some wear uniforms and some don't. I will not be conducting interviews to find out who's who.
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                            +1 slow. No one is bashing LEOs. We're just saying it is better to be safe than sorry. The fewer people you unnecessarily come in contact with the better. And the risk of trouble goes up if the people you engage are armed. Like it or not those people tend to be militias, military and LEOs.


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                              Originally posted by hminus View Post
                              .... Why did some of you join the military? My reason was to protect this country....
                              That would make at least two of us .... trouble is we didn't identify the threat and by all accounts we've failed ....

                              Originally posted by hminus View Post
                              Before passing judgment on many based on the actions of the few...
                              The few? .... might take a gander at this at your leisure

                              The good folks who have donned the blue have stepped into a corrupt institution working for a corrupt system .... assimilate or be culled apparently cause the good guys aren't holding the bad ones to any legal or moral standard.

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                              Things are seldom what they seem.