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My Scenario.

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  • My Scenario.

    You work 550 miles from home. You carry a small bacpack BOB cause you have to carry so much other stuff in your pickup for work that you don,t have room for much else.
    Shortly after checking into the Hotel room you see a bright flash followed by a deafening boom. The roads are blocked by the masses leaving no way to evacuate by any form of modern transportation. Your cell phone and radio do not work, and the power is out. You have no idea what has happened.

    What do you do?

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    i will answer in a private message only because this question has thrown everything out the window and i dont wanna get diesel in another tissy ....but it will be this evening so remind me with a pm gotta go find a job
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      Try to find a bicycle/scooter/motorcycle you can buy or "liberate". That will work for a bit. Soon you will have to get off the roads or you will be nothing but prey.

      Work your way home. If in good shape, and on good paths, you can make 25+ miles a day. If in bad shape, maybe 10-15, if bad road and good shape, maybe 15 miles a day.

      If in decent shape and keeping out of sight and traveling through the underbrush/offroad, maybe 10-15 miles a day. So you'll be home in 22-55 days. Good luck.
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