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Civil Unrest

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    If at work when a riot breaks out..... I'd observe the situation , determine weither I'd have to travel near the crowds. If so. Grab the GHB and .45 leave my truck, and follow the railroad tracks back to my home. Which is about 8 miles from work. If at home hunker down, listen to the shortwave for some news as to the severity of the event , and the goverments responce. If things started heading south real fast. Load up the Bug out vehicle{4wheeler} and head to the first retreat following the power lines away from the problem. Then don't show my ass again until things have cleared.


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      cb bs i'm with yall i'll grab the kids the fishing rods and of course a few bang bangs and head fer the swamp as far as the dizzy lizard my granddaddy fought for this country my daddy and uncles did as well as me an my cousins we took an oath upon entrace to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic that being said my son is and will be free for his life u r fre to ur opinion but a citizen with a gun is an armed citizen a citizen without a gun is a statistic
      the pack that plays together stays together