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    Excellent Post BBC! In fact I have the same narrative saved on my PC for security planning. The fact is no one can make a fool proof plan for security. The only thing we can do is adapt and change your security plans to meet both observed and perceived threats. A good friend of mine who did time as a Navy Seal once told me how his team was tasked to test the security of a very well known secret base (lol)... His team spent a week simply running up and touching a fence with touch sensitive sensors and then running back to the hide. The spotter would record the response time of the security teams. The response time eventually took longer and longer. Then they stopped responding. You all know what happened next... My point is that even the best security can be overcome with some effort. So every so often I read that narrative to help me plan. I also keep tabs on the most dangerous threat to a post apocalyptic society..... Gangs... They are the most likely group to take advantage to any disruption of the norm.....