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4 Newbies: Survival in the Age of Obamma

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  • 4 Newbies: Survival in the Age of Obamma

    Remember those parties when you were 21YO?
    If you showed-up early you were embarased.
    If you showed-up late eveyone had gone home or passed-out.
    You have arrived just in the nick of time!
    IF you have just awoken to what is going down and are wondering what to do next:
    #1 Hide-out:
    America is on the cusp of incredable change. THINGS are going to happen and when they do will happen quite fast and you will need a secluded shelter, not necessarily in the woods, perhaps it would be best to shelter in place, but be prepared to move to someplace structually sound and off the beaten path, an old fall-out shelter/basement, abandoned concrete building, someplace that looters will overlook. You will need a stove, blankets, matresses, virtualy every non-electric item you have at home. Hand crank AM/FM radios, flashlights, batteries, tarps, WARM OUTDOOR CLOTHING.
    Food and Water:
    Don't buy expensive freeze dried if all you can afford is canned goods. Store ALOT of water in any clean sturdy container you can obtain, there is water in the water heater. 100 gallons is NOT too much, you will need ALOT of clean water.
    Get lots of medications that you use. 1st aid supplys, store clean rags and sheets in plastic bags. store vinigar, baking soda, bleach, iodine. etc.
    Roads may be blocked to automobiles but mopeds may make it through.
    Keep enough fuel stored to drive out of city areas, fuel will be like gold.
    Bicycles will be cheap early-on but become scarce after a few days of panic.
    Backpacks, sturdy shoes.
    If you are not Rambo:
    Get shotguns and a 22LR rifle, a small handgun for the wife, knives for the kiddys, then decide if you have money for an expensive rifle and handgun. If you do see #1 and #2

    That's it in a nut shell, if you have enough time to read through all the posts here please do, if not be a mouse; hide and stay alive.
    Last edited by kenno; 10-24-2009, 11:52 PM.
    The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.

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    I like Kenno's statement of being a mouse, hide and stay alive. A mouse in the sense of being unasuming, don't engage unless necessary, keep a low profile, don't flaunt what you have prepped. Stay alive.


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      good post i want to be like the swamp fox and get to the swamp then nature should do the rest right
      the pack that plays together stays together


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        Back in 200 when I knew what was going to happen the first thing that I did was to get on the WWW to find the safest place in the US and I found it six miles from a tiny one mule of a Micky Mouse town in Oregon.

        One of the benefits of being here local or state sales tax and being retired I no longer pay Federal Tax.

        I have bought what I think I might need for the next 25 years but......who knows what will happen.
        "If you don't hold it, you don't own it"... Ponce