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New perimeter warning system.

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  • New perimeter warning system.

    On all of the different survival sites I have seen a lot on perimeter warning systems, some complex and others very simple. The system that I use around our house is a driveway alert system with multiple remote PIR sensors that pick up heat and motion. Heck it worked today when I was able to stop a couple in the driveway that wanted to talk to me about their religion be cause my driveway sensor picked up an intrusion:eek:. It is an effective system but it is not some thing that would be easy to transport and use in a bug out situation. So today while looking for new hunting boots I came across this at Bass Pro Recon Outdoors Scout Perimeter Monitoring Kit
    It is a portable perimeter warning system that is designed to be highly portable with the ability to use multiple sensors. It is kind of pricey but if it will give you the warning you need and would save you or your family then it is priceless. It is the same design as my driveway system except highly portable so it should work great. I just thought I would throw it out there

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    Thanks for the link. May have to check those out.