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    I just have a cat. He is pretty self reliant. Over the summer money was pretty tight and I could not afford to feed him but did give him water. Every day when I came home from work he was sitting outside my door with something that he had caught. Some days it was a rabbit others a bird or perhaps a lizard. On the weekends when I was home I observed him eating insects like grasshoppers and stuff. My cat is pretty amazing in that he is a better hunter then me. I think sometimes people forget that animals are animals. He is twelve years old and still has all of his teeth. Times are better now and I give him dry food, the cheepest possible but he is still waiting on me to come home everyday. O, and yes at night I let him in and in the morning out he goes, regardless of the weather. No kitty litter here, let him do his business outside, why not he is an animal and all.