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Four Wheeling Survival Gear - Don't Die Dummy

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  • Four Wheeling Survival Gear - Don't Die Dummy

    Decent article! Rest of it is at the link.
    When the manure hits the fan it makes quite a mess, but every sticky situation can be handled with a cool head and a toolbag of survival equipment. There are certain "always" rules to off-roading-always stay on the trail, always go off-roading with a buddy or two, always tell someone where you are going, and always scout the trail ahead to see what's over the next hill or around the next curve. But "always" doesn't always happen, and sometimes "always" is ignored completely. Then you might just end up sleeping in the rain, at the bottom of a hill, with your truck on its roof. That might sound terrible, but if you're alive and your passengers are alive, then the situation's not so bad.

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    Good article! Thanks, Wife.

    I did chuckle about taking the worst-tasting food possible and then mentioning a can of peas and carrots. :D For us, peas and carrots are snacks!!

    Some good info!


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      you got t do what you got to do . spam is a good choice with some IDK maybe beans.


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        thank you Wife, a good article


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          No doubt you saw where a family followed thier Tom-Tom GPS unit untill they were bogged in snow near Silver lake OR for several days untill the weather cleared and they were able to 'phone home' for help. I cowboyed out there years ago and there are less than 3 PPL per 100 sq miles in that area, maybe less now. Why PPL turn-off thier common sense and ignore road maps that plainly state "NOT MAINTAINED IN WINTER" I will never know but it happens every 2 years in those remote areas. Thank God nobody died this time!
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