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  • Flir.....?

    Anyone have any thoughts / ideas on how to beat FLIR/IR detection?

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    thick earth, logs, although as far as portable maybe a space blanket, one side painted green, and a camoflage net on it? didnt i hear something about some manner of camo net that helped dissipate IR?


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      First use it indoors and only when it is safe. Outside it does little to help ...but can be seen for miles be another NVG set up. We also built covers for ours so if they came by accident we would not be noticed.


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        I've heard the space blanket plan works also. There are some good articles out there on this.
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          If I remember correctly, the NBC suits - Nuclear,Biological,Chemical - contain carbon or charcoal or something else in them that blocks IR and such. Been a long time and my memory is fading fast. Saw some pressure packed suits the other day at a Army surplus store for like 10 bucks but they didn't have my size so I didn't get them....I have been thinking I should go back and grab them regardless. Bad memories of sweating to death in them during military exercises, but I think it was more the face mask caving in my skull after a few hours. Never once thought about the space blanket idea, but I can see where that would work. Good idea.