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    I keep a list of lists on my I phone. Each list is constantly changing updating. I always have it with me and can fill or modify items it on a whim while out and about. I also keep lists for home and work projects on it for the same reasons.

    While reading some of these posts, I will add to/modify my lists.

    I am not to worried about it failing during a SHTF situation, because if the list isn't filled by then, it is already too late.
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      Originally posted by lalakai View Post
      this brings up something i'm caught in right now. next major purchase will either be a good generator or a good solar panel kit, and i'm having trouble prioritizing. The generator will get more use but in a truly critical situation I would leave it and depend on a solar kit. My brain is strongly going for the generator while my heart is leaning heavily toward the solar kit. Any words of wisdom out there?
      In a totally off the grid situation you will need both. The solar can charge your batteries during the day and when the sun is out. When there is no sun or limited sun you have to run the generator to keep the batteries charged. I have a miltary multi fuel generator I made and it will run on any oil including gas, for a short time. I have a dual muffler system on it an you can hardly hear it run. I bought a u'haul box that it is in so you can't hear it or see it.


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        I guess we have somewhat of a list(s) one is what we have stored, when we bought it, when to rotate it. Second is our to get list divided into two parts. First part is our need to get list and our we'd like to get list. We're lucky to have a couple of locations to choose from to hunker down in. here at home and at our vacation/BOL / retirement place. both are stocked with supplies more here at home than there. Curretly we're working on 14 months supplies for us and pets here and about 6 months at "the place" We are lucky we have neighbors at the place who are fellow preppers and watch it when we are not there. We have practiced loading supplies here and getting to the place in an emergency. We can be loaded and rolling in less than 30 minutes if need be.

        IMHO anyone starting to prep basically need 5 catigories to work on. These are...

        After that when you have a basic supply stock then you can/ should consider items for comfort/ luxury and barter. We have a good stock at both locations of books, DVD's, CD's, games and such along with Liqour for medicinal as well as comfort use. Barter items right now are not where I want them but slowly growing. Some items are...
        Small ($10) first aid kits.
        Tooth brushes
        small soaps and such.
        Female products
        blankets ( from yard sales)
        shoes an clothing

        These are a few items of about 20 or so we get as we can for barter.