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Run or make a stand...two types of people

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  • Run or make a stand...two types of people

    I have found as well as you that there are two main groups within the survival preppers arena. Then smaller sub-groups with specific agendas but still under the general of the two headings.

    Group One; Those that believe staying in a secured location with infrastructures to supply their needs and wants is what they require and desire. In other words seclusion, buildings, power, water supply, security, food reproduction capability on site, hygiene locations, things and means to restart a new life, probably others to work with...infrastructure as I call it. Like being part of the long term solution.

    Group Two; Those that intend on laying low hidden at some form of a camp site or that there possible pre planned locations are not really secured thus they might get there and find them...occupied and or gone. Sort of planning to adjust and go where ever they think things might work out. The ability and willingness to stay mobile.

    I am sure you all could have stated that better ;-)

    Observations about group one. Derived from monitoring dozens and dozens of survival sites, from dozens and dozens of contacts we get via our ad and conversations.

    They are usually couples. They might have a child or children. They have acquired a lot of supplies as each person in their family doubles their load and to speak. Thus it is hard to travel far. They believe a secured location will be the only place they can do all the tasks required to safely provide for so many. They are older and don’t feel the life in a sleeping bag filled with uncertainties is the way to go for them. They firmly believe in safety in numbers and that those numbers are equally prepared and equipped. They have accumulated such an impressive collection of gear that it would take several pickup trucks to a semi truck to move it all. Like 30,000 thousand rounds of heavy ammo or more being just one item. Or food, fuel, clothes, TP, and sipping wine... for years ;-0 Some already live at their secured site and have way to much to invested and to lose to go to a mobile lifestyle. They have networked with others and formed a group and location ahead of time. Many have a lot of world experience and believe in the wisdom of many hands make lighter work. They realize that they also need others watching their backs while they sleep.

    Observation about group two.

    Same nice type folks and preppers. Usually singles. Usually males. Usually younger. Often they really don’t have squat so they pretend to cover that short fall by “living off the land”. They don’t believe in working within a group as that requires staying put. It also requires some to actually have collect together a reasonable list of things... They could not get into a group for any number of reasons. Like being to independent minded, not good team players, possible issues with having others in charge of certain operations. (No problems with that just what I have experienced). Must have “little enough” saved up (food, gear, weapons, ammo, meds...) the whole nine yards that they can easily move about with all of it at once... to whatever location they desire to go to. Have the belief that the fuel they will need will be able to be found. To be able and means to travel across rugged countryside as main roads would be closed for any number of reasons. Or simply to dangerous to attempt to drive there. Are able to travel in all weather conditions including blowing snow. Be able to do so when the roads no longer get plowed either. They realize their safety might require them to break camp so to speak, at any time or under any conditions. Or limit themselves to southern non snow states only. Weather waits for no one. They realize that meeting another hostile single person creates a semi type draw... as to their chances of surviving such an encounter. Then they realize that meeting several hostile people will more than likely end up in their death or having everything taken from them. Ending with about the same conclusion. They know they must stay out of sight. Believe in themselves that they can survive on their own and cover 360 degrees all the time. Truly don’t mind being alone.

    Now those are some things I have learned over the years...I am, sure I left out others or you know of more.

    Just curious now, as you might be. Just which group do you fit into? Why? What would you hope to expect from joining a group. What do you think others joining your group should provide? What do you think you should be providing? What would you expect... to be on your own. Can you realize or confirm any of those expectations long before the crisis comes down? I mean confirm rather than speculate on?

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    I'm definetely a group one. I am the BOL for the rest of the family. I also would go on the move if I had to, but I would be caching as I went or before I went.
    Two things- group two people are also pretty alpha. They may not like taking orders from another. Or they may want to be in charge but are to young to really want the responsibility. Nothing wrong with that.
    However, the second observation about group 2 types is that for the most part, note:for the most part, not all, they really like the fun aspect, the adrenaline rush of being on the run. I think after about 6 weeks with nothing but the occasional squirell to eat, it wouldn;t be so much fun.


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      I'm not exactly sure where I fit in here. I have a home is it secure, not really. Am I prepared for the Long Haul. No. But that is my issue. I won't go in to why here. If you want to know pm me.
      I am prepared for a year now. I want to be prepared for 3. I am alone for the most part unless my family get's their heads on straight and start talking about this. There is the Property I will get to but it also is not totally secure, but defendable. So, I don't fit in group 1 or group 2. I will not be traveling around living off the land that's for sure!!! And I've been backpacking enough in desolate places to know that once your food stores are gone it's on!!!!!
      If others (probably the church) were to join us (the fam) then I would expect them to have prepared themselves as best as possible. I would not turn them away. We'll all just have to starve together. I do believe that alone I would not last very long with out guns to protect myself.
      I also believe that there are people who would show up just because they may have heard you talk about it at work or something. They could not stay. I will not be opening any doors for anyone other than the family or someone in the church.
      Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
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        20 years ago I would say 2, but now that I'm older, hopefully wiser, and with family, I'm one of those #1's. Not a good thing, not a bad thing, just is what it is.
        G.I.H.S.O. Going In Hot, Safety Off.


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          Originally posted by TheLastMountainMan View Post
          20 years ago I would say 2, but now that I'm older, hopefully wiser, and with family, I'm one of those #1's. Not a good thing, not a bad thing, just is what it is.
          Skyowl and I, also, TLMM. We have very young and relatively old to tend. Kind of limits our options. We COULD move, but it probably wouldn't be on foot.
          "If Howdy Doody runs against him, I'm voting for the puppet." - SkyOwl's Wife, 2012


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            I have to think that most of the #2 group, maybe a great majority of them, are "on the run" so to speak TO someplace. I mean, like Unswydd said, she has a place to go to...I mean, it doesn't seem to make sense to me that a person would just get up and go with nowhere in mind.
            I would think that if you had to leave, you would have a place to go to, like a friend, a relative, a secret location wouldn't that make them #1's who got caught away from where they wanted to be?

            Now I'm wondering what it would be like "on the run" for what ever reason. I've recently read three books that go into some detail about what an ordeal it is (Lights Out!, One Second After, and Patriot:surviving the coming crisis). How you must want to survive to push a cart of your worldly belongings and whatever food you can find and walk of to anywhere. Why would people do that without a plan? I guess I don't get it.


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              That's an easy one... (I think) -- TSHTF, in metro areas especially... looting, stealing mayhem in general. supply lines are disrupted, things are getting scarce.

              Even if I did not have the presence of mind to prep/bug out, there comes a point where logic kicks in, and you know you have to get out. At this point, you may have no idea where you are going, but it might be to try and get to a more rural area, creek/lake, warmer climate even?

              Preppers are in the vast minority, and the decisions of the non-preppers will range from sound/common sense to lunacy... I can also see preppers trying to make a stand where they are, and the conditions changing to a point where they make a decision to bug-out, and maybe they weren't prepared enough to have a BOL?
              That's kinda where I am right now -- prepping to take a stand where I am, knowing that being close to Charlotte, on the East Coast might not be the best place to dig in...


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                I am certainly group 1, having "bugged out" of a major urban area a few years ago.
                Now that my daughter has moved to an urban area to attend school, i have advised her to keep her gas tank at least half full so if there is trouble she can get to our country place without needing to stop for gas.
                CTHULHU/Dagon 2012


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                  . The good folks who have taken the time to comment here confirm my posting above. Most of us would prefer a safe place to work together to make a stand ve being on the other side of the fence looking in.

                  For us we simply plan in most cases (hopefully never) to out wait them. Some might approach but stop at a distance for any number of reasons...things like bullets landing at their feet with no noise heard? Now that sucks ;-) or if the push it further bullets with noise or if the push it a .50 or two. Once they take cover we simple deploy a team to flank them and in an hour or so we now have all their stuff. Of course they would be showing hostile intentions....

                  But it still comes down to having the in place resources to handle most anything...that takes people in numbers, training and equipment and more training. Good communications and redundant eyes and ears.

                  We post about this to maybe help share what is out there in ideas and methods to help really secure a location. If you ever picked up a .50 it weight in at 20-25 pounds, the ammo is 5.00 per shot and heavy. I really have my doubts anyone is dragging such a toy this far.... but having them on sight is all it takes to turn an attack on us into a real bad day for them...forever more than likely. .50s are not a normal group add on but a .308 or two does well, so does a good hunting rifle. Set up range cards from your location. Buy a range finder to do that. What is your life worth anyway?

                  Your location can be turned into a very safe place. Just start out by walking up to it the most direct and common way. Look at it as if you never had been there and how you might approach it. Then put in place items or means to prevent that or slow them down to a speed you can hit them. Keep doing that until you can not find a way in. Then have others in the party do the same. Eventually you will have created a very safe place which is very dangerous to the average idiot dumb enough to take you on. Each improvement will bring great satisfaction to you and drive you to do least it does for me... You are not getting a visit from Rambo...he is getting to old anyway ;-)

                  By the way one gets into this location unless per-qualified and checked out. Family, church or neighbor. We are a life boat with only so many seats and we have a functioning capacity. You had better wake up and realize that... We intend on surviving ...not becoming a community food bank or home for the homeless. Anything other than that will place us outside some other persons gates begging for food as they watch us through their rifle sights.... not where we want to be... thus the tough love approach.


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                    to tell you the truth i dont know which group i would be in. the first one sounds more safe if i could find more like how i am with the same goals and mind. communication is the key factor also. alas i am not giving up hope.


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                      I guess this is all fine and well, I have only one problem with your comment.

                      Once they take cover we simple deploy a team to flank them and in an hour or so we now have all their stuff.

                      I don't think I could take anyone's "stuff" because they are just trying the best they know how to survive. I suppose everyone's situation would be different. I might take their weapons but nothing else. You never know what someone has gone through to get to the point they are at that partictular time.
                      Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
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                        Well i am sure i need to be ready to run if needed, but the "mobile, living off the land" scenario is over romanticised. Even the mountain men of yore came to town or rendevous' once or twice a year to get provisions.
                        I have heard some around my area claim that if society collapsed they would hunt for their food. I almost felt sad having to point out to them how even in this rural area where deer & rabbits seem to be plentiful it wouldnt last long with every mothers son gunning for venison.
                        Bottom line: i want my place to be more than a hard target, i want it not to look like a target at all...and wandering the countryside would compromise my low profile doctrine.
                        CTHULHU/Dagon 2012


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                          Ok try this on. You are doing your group thing within your posted perimeter with other families. Others approach... leave out the details. Also could give a “chit” why they are in such a position (tired of blaming others for your lack of preps) anyway...get real will soon learn not to be a bleeding heart on this subject. I just could care less why and where they found themselves...they are not acting it? They decide not to wander by but attempt to cross your perimeter well armed (any weapon). You according to plan take them out. (Honestly that just means they will not be needing the use of their equipment anymore) read the taking prisoners site here. Being the ones with knowledge of the land and how to utilize it you can do just that. You let them go? Not a chance out here.... just another hole to dig with the our land by the way. Be real for once... if they attack you and you let them go...they will return with more numbers and greater weapons to take your life and your hard earned supplies...sorry my lovely wife is worth more than the sum total of the entire other side. I am worth the same to her...thank God.

                          As for laying low...right on. No smoke from fires on calmer days. Only movement when cleared. No noise. Silenced gensets if needed. No signs of life...sort of eery like. We picked a place we can see them coming for a long way off in order to set the stage.... best just keep going by my friends. You can blog all you want but when /if it ever hits the high speed fan all your nice warn fuzzy feelings will be left behind after a couple rounds hit right next to you or hit you and your loved ones.....


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                            Aye, when i was living in an urban area(see also hell) part of my plan was to make my house look like it had already been looted. Boarded up windows with glass strewn around, some grafitti, string some yellow caution tape around like the fire dept had cordoned it off.
                            I never figured out how i was going to conceal the fact that my family was keeping weight on while everyone else got skinny.
                            Damn straight...the nail thats sticks up is gonna get hit. Stealth is a big part of keeping my rural homestead safe. If TSHTF, im gonna take down the address sign from my gate, dispose of the mailbox, try to make it look like the only thing down that gravel road is a hay shed. Due to an oak tree dying an untimely death, a little bit of my house is visible from the road. Gonna have to get some camo netting to screen the view.
                            When my house needs painting, i wont do a camo job, but i will pick colors leaning to greens and browns.
                            CTHULHU/Dagon 2012


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                              I guess I belong to a third group. I live in a rural area and have no idea what to expect when the bottom falls out of this world we live in. My hope is that by the grace of God I will be able to overcome and adapt on a day to day basis. I pay very close attention to what is going on around me. I have good connection and some decent intel or at least the best that I can hope for. I have family obligations and liabilities. I have personal liabilities. I'm getting older everyday and things aren't working as well as they use to. I wish that the world had come to this place when I was 25 years younger. But on the other hand I probably would be 25 years more stupid.
                              If any of you have all your eggs in one basket it is not a very good idea. We need to be able to change with the situation. Again, there is talk of doing battle with zombies, wayward individuals, regular military (of one government or another), etc. Again, I give this warning. You had better choose your battles wisely and plan on fighting as little as possible. If you have not learned to control your macho hormones I suggest you learn quickly or plan on dying a very violent death quickly. If you are held up in some kind of a fort situation and you have a community of help, that is great. However, an organized force (again, from one government or another) will simply probe your position, figure out your strengths and bring in whatever is neccesary to defeat you. I see the special forces train on a regular basis, trust me, this is not a nice group of young men.
                              Married and got a family? Great, and you are no help to them dead.
                              One thing that no one seems to wants to recognize is this is not just United States thing, nor is it just a financial thing, it's not even just a world thing. It is also a spirital thing! Like it? Don't like it. Believe it? Don't believe it. It's all in the Bible. Given that, I suggest that we all do some spiritual preparation as well. If you plan on making it without the Author of this whole program then you have already failed. Not only will you fail once, but twice... here and eternity.
                              The strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is as a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government." -- Thomas Jefferson