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A real eye opener for me

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    food for thought DON'T be caught in a truck if thstf if you are know your back roads and get the hell outta dodge quick
    the pack that plays together stays together


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      And as for surviving in a big city... think of all the dead and rotting bodies, human and otherwise, that will be all over the place. Guess you could go cannibal.:rolleyes:


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        hey then i could stay fat heheheheh
        the pack that plays together stays together


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          No matter where you are at sooner of later it will come to you, it will be only a matter of time.......

          How bad it will be
          you will never know
          till you see it come
          down the road.

          So be ready
          to be the best
          or they will take
          your cake.
          "If you don't hold it, you don't own it"... Ponce


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            maybe the last line should be 'all your cake'. The extra word makes the syllabic similarity much closer and makes it easier to read.

            But the little ditty is very appropo


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              Lol cb, in what is to come many will be lucky to have even one cake... and those who do will be guarding it like a pot of gold.
              "If you don't hold it, you don't own it"... Ponce


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                Still agree with tense of the cake hehe, just one cake. Just all of it LOL. Was just being a poetry critic.


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                  Most people will just go home.

                  I live in a suburb of Boston, Ma. I think that for most SHTF crisis, people will mostly want to stay home. When people are scared, they usually just want to go home. If their homes are damaged or destroyed they will likely go to the next most familiar place (neighbor, relative, etc.). People with nothing to loose who intend to be hostile to survive will likely do their harm locally. Sure, there will be people fleeing, but I doubt it would be at such a massive scale that the boonies will be over-run.

                  Besides, if there was a massive evacuation, it would be so chaotic that everyone will be in the way of each other and they wont get far. Just look at the traffic jams on normal days, especially when there is an accident during rush hour. Can you imagine how many accidents there would be when everyone is panicked? If people cant get out by a vehicle or some other mechanized means, they are gonna stay local.

                  So don't worry about it too much friends.

                  Of course, I do NOT know what will happen. Its just how I feel things would play out knowing what I know of city people.



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                    Reading everyone's thoughts on this was interesting, to say the least. It's something I think we all think about but you folks put it to words. If we all knew exactly what was going to happen and where and all the other things we think about, we would all be in a better situation to make our plan of surviving the sh*t with a more educated plan. I know some of the people here went so far as to find the best possible places to live with the highest probability being in their favor and to me, that is probably the best course of action one can take. The unfortunate side of this, in my opinion, is too many people still need to work and support their families so they were not able to do this. Then there are those who wouldn't want to just be too far away from their other family members.

                    For me and my choices, I know I could have found a better location to live and try to survive the worst possible scenarios that could happen, as many others, too. That is why we have various BOLs with caches to get us there, either by foot, horseback or by BOVs. This, in essence, seems to be a waste of precious money in some ways because in my situation, I know if the time came for me to go to another BOL and I was able to take my truck to get there, I wouldn't be needing all the other items in the caches that are there for being able to make it on foot or horseback.

                    Like most people, I'd hate to have to leave my home/BOL #1. I am prepared to do so if necessary but the reason to leave would depend on too many factors to get into here. I'm one of those people who, in my situation and BOL, do not se too much of the need, in many cases, to need to fight anyone over anything. I can personally say this because for one, if people are not used to the altitude of nearly 2 miles above sea level, they generally can not out-pace a turtle. If anything were to happen during the winter months, 98% of the people would not be able to make it anywhere near this place with the -30˚F times we have. This figure is without a wind-chill.

                    What I do hope for is, first, to survive of course and secondly, to be able to have contact with other survivors who would make it too. This is highly unlikely, for me. I will have contact with those within 6 miles of me but those folks are not 1/10th as prepared as I am and I'm not nearly finished!

                    I will be purchasing few ham radios by the Middle of March 2010 and passing the test is not a serious issue for me as I have most of that knowledge already. When the time comes for me to make my investments into the ham radios, I'll be purchasing a solar powered repeater as well because I expect I'll be needing one. I am aware of the unnerving fact that it might be better to remain radio-silent rather then give away my position to just anyone who might have found a radio that works, too.

                    If people do not actually live away from the cities, they have jobs, their cellphones, their children/grandchildren to pick up from various activities such as school, soccer games, etc., they may not be prepared to actually be in a BOL for any length of time. People really do get cabin fever! For me, I use the internet in short bursts. I do not live indoors just doing nothing productive but in a SHTF scenario, one may have to be indoors or inside their BOL for an undetermined amount of time and that can be difficult to do, at times.

                    Anyway, I just wanted to cover a few other thoughts that I noticed were not mentioned too much and thought someone may find this information to their use too.
                    Being unprepared is giving up!


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                      hey bud not all us yankees are alike!!! ur talking about a bunch or city folk that have they're heads stuck so far up their asses they have no clue, and it's all because of the all mitey dollar, us country folk up in N.H. are the same as u and all yankee country folk in yankee land all feel like u do, most of us have little liking for the city folk, the done all and know all people, they come up from the cities buy our lands and post it so new englanders can't the property that we've hunted and fished on all our lives. the problem is that like I've said before they don't have a clue. bambam55