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A real eye opener for me

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    Originally posted by Rudyj View Post
    I grew up in syracuse ny visited new york many times in my twentys I was always blown away by the people in new york ,they think the world revolves around newyork. All they know about the world is filtered by the new york media. dont feel bad they despise the people who live in upstate new york.Imagine being 45 years old and never have driven a car,or living in a apartment your entire life.City people are totally dependent on the goverment and see everyone else as cash cows to support thier lifestyles. I know this sounds harsh but after living in upstate new york for 30 years I got tired of being taxed to death and treated like a hick by people from new york city.I moved to north carolinia 20 years ago and would never move back to new york. My biggest fear is I may have to move to south carolinia because I see north carolinia going down the same road as new york went, high taxes on everyone to serve a few taking away peoples rights and forcing a few peoples views on everyone.Thanks for letting me rant.
    RudyJ... I know what ya mean... livin near Charlotte I see same as NY or even LA out west.... Im reconsiderin my NC location to maybe SC or TN or N.GA..... the sheeple are amazing.... Barracudabilly I hear ya... Ive been awakened too recently...


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      Hmm, first let me say that you talk/write just fine.
      Then I feel the need to defend northerners a wee bit. lol
      I've lived in lots of different places (north and south) and I think the problem is city vs country. I'm a country girl,raised in the north and I know how to survive and do lots of things. I always plan. I have a daughter up farther north than me and she's a city girl, living in the country...and not prepared. I think people in cities like the people, like the hussle and are so busy that they just don't think. They also like (and are proud of) their life style and don't want to give it up...they also don't think it will happen to them.

      I just know that I'm glad I'm pretty far away from any city and main road...anyone would be crazy to come up here and think that they are going to survive!


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        I didn't start thinking about all this until I got back from Iraq with PTSD. Part of that is paranoia and then you add the news to it.... However, my family and friends think I'm insane that I have 300 pounds of canned goods boxed up, labeled, that I have almost 100 gallons of fresh drinking water stored and several thousand rounds of ammo


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          Forever_frost, Your family and friends will not think you are insane when THEY are at your door begging for food and someone to protect them. Paranoia? mabe, or do we all on this board have a level minded way of thinking, and being prepaired for what ever comes our way? Its better to have and not need than to need and not have.


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            [Im reconsiderin my NC location to maybe SC or TN or N.GA..... the sheeple are amazing.... ]

            There are lots of sheeple .....everywhere.....thats why things are as they are..... here in Tennessee they're not all that amazing though. The Governor here has been working on his $10 mil + underground "ball room", few complaints as it must be considered one of obama's "shovel ready" jobs he promised to create.
            Things are seldom what they seem.


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              I agree with each of your statements about what would happen. Omegaman talked about the four steps. However, there is another step I learned about in sociology while in college. If a true disaster- like an EMP or nukes- hits the US, we will go through those first four steps mentioned. Once we are in step 4 (plundering, rioting, robbing, etc) resources will only last so log. Then we start step 5- the outward expansion. Imagine a target with all its rings with the bulls eye a large city and each ring a different part of the economic structure, until you get to the semi-rural areas (I believe this to be the subarbs). The outward expansion is that the bulls eye area will spread and consume the next ring until all resources are consumed. Then the next ring is taken and so forth until there is no rings just one big dot. However, this will take a few years to occur due to fewer people traveling beyond certain rings. Meaning that each time a ring is taken it is done by fewer people.
              Hope I explained this clearly. There are other studies that go deeper into the sociological and economical structures in this event if anyone is interested in disgussing. Sorry if I rambled.


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                it's time for ya'll to start feeling sorry for me. I'm about 40 miles outside NYC. Long Island used to be rural, but now it's practically all suburban.

                I think there are very, very few people prepping around here. You'd think, especially after 9-11, we'd realize that we tough-ass New Yorkers are vulnerable too. Nope. I think we're too arrogant.
                "Be Excellent to Each Other"


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                  Brosia that is nation wide. Arkansas has a few large metropolitan areas but is mostly rural. I get to mingle with a lot of different people daily and have noticed how many people live from day to day out of a grocery store. If you were to look at thier refridgerators and pantrys, you would find very little. A large amount of people that live within at least a 5 mile radius of town live this way. It is unreal. Apparently, they did not learn anything from all the ice storms we had this last winter. I would hate to know that I had to go to the store everyday to buy my evening and next days meal.


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                    On worries man...

                    I'm born and raised here in Michigan. Trust me there are lots of blind people all around us. Every state... north south,,,east and west.
                    I can tell you this those of us who are "like minded" don't care were
                    you came from or what color you are. So long as you are prepping... helping other in your area that are working toward thr same goals... Our doors will be open. When things get to hot...if your close to the city's Move on to some other trusted friends bug out location.
                    Keep your head down... and keep the faith. Keep making that $$ to buy more food, ammo, etc.
                    I gave up telling people to get ready last year... its a waist of my time and energy at this point.


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                      Brosia, as a former resident of Westchester County all I can tell you is one of your best bets is either build a fully supportable underground compound so that when those 25+ million city dwellers from the tri-states head in your direction they pass over the picked clean surface home that used to be yours, while you quietly live camoflaged below the surface, or you look to invest in a series of robust cache sites along your escape and evasion corridor. Do not rely on GPS, look at a standard lensatic compass and detailed sealed maps. Ensure your terrain features are not trees, use massive boulders and intersecting hilltops using pace counts. May I also suggest when you establish a cache make it deep enough so that dogs cannot sniff out any powder, ammo or food stores. Just my thoughts.


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                        Hi everyone,

                        Me and my better half are more concerned then ever, we see and hear more of the "Taboo" talk from prominent people in difference levels of the economy. The effects we will face even if nothing else is done by our gov't.
                        Excessive Inflation, Sky High Interest, 20-30 percent unemployment. Food shortages, our National Security, Military cut to nothing to save money, 50 -60 percent Tax bracketts. This list can get very depressing, I and the better half wonder how we both could be slipping into this level of paranoia?
                        Yet, there are more and more like us every day! We do the Tea Parties and write the idiots in our Congress just to say we tried the peaceful way first but, we both know by 2011 or 2012 we will be a third world country and the
                        little rogue states with the "Bomb" will be able to deploy it against us in our severally weakened state. Nothing like the "Cold War" Nuke scenario more like a few large cities hit and or a EMP strike. Then it will be "Welcome the the 7th century AD again. If you live near or in a metro area GET OUT! or learn to live like a rat for a year or so and let the idiots die off before sticking your head up again. By year's end inflation will make things very expensive, so make you big purchase items soon.

                        If you haven't seen it yet watch the movie "Defiant" recently out on DVD.


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                          [it's time for ya'll to start feeling sorry for me]

                          Feeling sorry for you will be of no benefit to you .... keep prepping and be prepared to bail.

                          Things are seldom what they seem.


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                            I am worried for my mom dad and handicapped younger brother. My dad is only worried about saving money and trying to get over on someone by being cheap and greedy. I have tried to warn them but the time is short and the days are getting shorter. I have tried to get him to get energy independent by burning wood for heat and by planting a garden. He was born/raised in the city, and we moved out to the country when I was really young, heated with wood,ate venison and read by candle/lantern light. he tells me he was just saving money back then and that he will not go back to that way of life. I guess I will have to take on the burden of three more mouths to feed, and worry about when it all goes down.


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                              Where Will They All Go and What Will THey Eat?

                              Well I have read in several places that the normal grocery store keeps enopugh food on hand for two days of restocking, Wal Mart restocks nearly everyday from trucks sent from centralized distribution centers. While the average family in the US has enough food on hand to last ONE WEEK!!! That is counting all the canned and frozen goods, pastas, noodles, EVERYTHING edible in the household.

                              With that in mind exactly how many people do you see getting out of the big cities alive. NY for example with the blocked bridges will have millions of people on foot. THey will not be able to carry much food if they are carrying belingings, and they will carry "important" things thinking they can get food along the way. They will die of dehydration, starvation, exposure, murder, or any number of other things before getting very far.

                              The several articles and such agree that within the first month the large cities will have less than 5% of the original population. Most of them will starve because there will be NO trucks delivering food to the local graceries and bodegas. :eek:

                              Now this is all worst case scenario but if there is an event like many of us think is likely to happen then cities will cease to get their food and they will die out. While a certain percentage will surely make it to the"safe" areas in the country they will be met by people there that will in all likelihood be forced to turn them away because they will need to feed their own towns and people.


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                                I am in the distribution industry and I can plainly state in a SHTF situation the drivers and warehouse workers aren't worried about the next dispatch. The food on the store shelves and behind the door isn't enough to last but a day or so. The Distribution centers if working can hold a week or so of product. We in the transportation side of coin call it JIT (Just In Time) we (the trucks) are the warehouse spaces for businesses. Don't be caught in a major city if you want to live. Food for thought?