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  • Food calculations

    If you haven't discovered the online LDS Food Storage Calculator, you might want to check it out here.  Plug in the number of people in your family, and you'll find out how much dried milk,

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    The LDS knows what they are talking about. One thing they don't mentioned is dried legumes (beans) will grow; however, I don't know if their seeds will grow...

    We have enough to get us by until we can harvest vegetables. AFA, protein, we have deer, fish, turtles and more.

    I don't want to bust the bugout types balloon; however, just how much can they carry in their BOB to survive? I doubt enough to survive the upcoming winter.
    Methinks, it is a fantasy that doesn't consider reality.


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      Yes a BOB is only good for maybe 72 hrs longer maybe. I've seen a yt vid on a guy taking the store bag of beans and he had about 50 % growth from them


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        IMO, it is a short term solution for a potentially long term problem. When they realize what they are facing; matters will get nasty.

        I'd bet a lot depends on how the seeds were stored. I grow tomatoes in containers. Every year, I dump the dirt and whatever fruit is left on the plants. Next Spring, they grow.

        Tim, the janitor at church has 63 acres and grows almost all of his vegetables. He plants with heirloom seeds. He takes seeds from the best producers, then washes them and freezes them.
        His people have grown their own food and have chickens for generations. He also shoots deer whenever his brother and he need meat. Last year, he grew sweet potatoes that were 11" (279mm) or a little longer.


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          Yea I'd love to have that much territory in my possession. But alas I don't, I run a small grow tent and that's it. I keep my greenthumb green with that. I do have enough LDS #10 cans to last 1+ year on hand. That allows me to not sweat as much, in the next few weeks I'll be doing another shopping spree there to up my stocks.


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            The advantage of LDS cans are they last a longtime. The disadvantage is there is a lot of food in them

            It's similar to a can of mountain house; how many cheese mac meals does one want to eat.

            For next Spring, I want to fence in a larger garden and more cold frames for winter vegetables. Joe Blow's world promises more shortages and everyone is seeing them.
            Imagine what will happen after the elections and they stop using the strategic oil reserves to keep energy prices down..


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              I have run food taste tests on my food tins contents. I Immediately put the excess majority in big mason jars with oxygen absorbers. Yes it means I have to keep a stack of jars and o2absorbers, but that's an issue I can deal with.


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                While I don't agree with some of the LDS religious beliefs, I do believe that their manual is probably the most well thought out guide to survive a catastrophic event. Living in the Mormon "Corridor" that stretches from St George Utah to just south of Calgary Alberta means that there is a close by cannery where you can purchase.


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                  Im the same way Garand. Langley is my closest one, I try to vist once a year to add to ghe supply.


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                    We can and vacuum pack.

                    Have you ever seen a TV show "Life after People"? It showed how in time, the insect eggs will hatch. I don't about Canadian food laws; however, here in the US, a small amount of insect parts and eggs are legal. In time, the eggs hatch and eat the food.

                    Learn the most effective ways of preventing pantry pests, how to kill insect eggs in the microwave or freezer, and using oxygen absorbers.

                    Large or #10 cans remind me of the Army. There was only a very meals in a case of C-rations that I'd consider edible and the same applied to LRRP rations. Basically, we'd eat what we liked and ditched the rest.


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                      Yes I've watched the shows, It portrays how almost all of mankind's greatest works will all succumb to age and weather.


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                        Here in the US, they are doing it right now. Hopefully, they will get their arse handed to them in the mid-term elections.

                        After watching bugs hatch in sealed boxes; my focus is more on our food storage.

                        Here during COVID, there was insane restrictions. Guess what, now they want amnesty; let's all forgive and forget.

                        I have a picture of a C-Rat can being used to feed the M60 belts rather than from a bag..


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                          Scew that hold them responsible for their illegal ations. We cannot let it slide because they thought they were doing the right thing, maybe Dahmer was merely ahead of the curve controlling population growth.


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                            Before we seal items like white rice for example, the product spends at least 4-7 days in the freezer to minimize the impact of insect eggs. I have seen U Tube videos of rice packed 30-35 years ago where eggs have matured, and the product is inedible. It was an excellent show, very thought provoking.


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                              Same here. We have frozen both Jasmine and Basmati rice and after a few years, no bugs inside the vacuum packed bags. It seems to work. We also have vacuumed packed legumes (beans) and I will try to germinate and plant this Spring.

                              The TV show "Life without People" was quite informative; AKA, a wakeup call. Supposedly, microwaving will also kill the eggs. As I've had good success with freezing, I haven't tried it, yet.

                              They destroyed nations with their bull crap and now they want forgiveness? So what happened to their follow the science? Oh, so now it wasn't science?

                              Fauci made millions of the patents Pfizer etc. put him on. True, he donates that money to charities. That means his whole $450K salary is tax free.