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    I've got a stack of the 5 gallon campers ones. One stays in the TrailBlazer right now as its deer season, to allow cleanup afterward.

    I looked the 15 gallon drums 289$ CDN for 1 .


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      I have 3 springs here that run all year. Their origins come out of the rock; so no dead animals upstream are possible. I've had the water tested and the Health Dept said it is clean.

      6 percent chlorine bleach:

      2 drops of bleach per quart or liter of water
      8 drops per gallon of water
      16 drops per 2 gallons of water
      1/3-teaspoon per 4 gallons of water
      2/3-teaspoon per 8 gallons of water

      8.25 percent chlorine bleach:
      2 drops of bleach per quart or liter of water
      6 drops per gallon of water
      12 drops per 2 gallons of water
      1/4-teaspoon per 4 gallons of water
      1/2-teaspoon per 8 gallons of water
      ​Here is CDC's advice:


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        Originally posted by orangetom1999 View Post
        Initially shopping list was for a large bundle of toilet paper and paper one of these big volume stores...

        I did go there today and get those very items but also purchased two 25 lb bags of rice and also a case of baby wipes...should power and or water go out. These items will be consumed over time.

        Any soldier trying to keep clean out in the field can tell you that baby wipes are a great too homeless people...

        Plan to get two more 25 lb bags of rice...

        i am good on AA batteries and just put 4 fresh AA batteries in my pocket to replace the ones used up on my shortwave set last night at work.

        :Picked up a bottle of Peach Crown Royal....just in case!!!! It went under the counter with the other 5 bottles of Crown....Just in case...

        Agree with need to be established ahead of time and so it is with many of my preps...but items need to be replaced and augmented with new stuff..

        Just don't be running around like a chicken with ones head cut competition. You need to have most of your preps in place well ahead of an incident because this possible storm for example...most people will have paid attention only to ESPN Or he al......anything but to plan well ahead and thus will be running to the store for anything quick and disposable...easy to fix....and the store shelves will quickly become empty and people quarreling over what is left.

        I remember a woman coming to stay with us just before Hurricane Isabelle...years ago...and she brought one of those baby swings. To my surprise it was battery operated...and of course she brought no batteries. Her man was getting home late that night from work and the Hurricane was bearing down on us....
        She declared that she would send him out to get 8 D cell batteries for the swing. I remember them being spring wound up in the older days...

        I told her when he got here he was going no where....but staying here.

        Talk about a stupid stupid woman. She automatically assumed that conditions were normal...and the shelves were full of batteries...and was willing to send her man out to get her some so she would not have to tend the baby manually. What a stupid ...stupid woman...making her man disposable and expendable as conditions deteriorated and for her comfort level. Be very careful of this type of woman..or man who are high maintenance...and unthinking.... entitlement minded. Ishmaelites.
        They live in Disneyland and want you in there with ignorance.

        My non Ishmaelite .02,​
        Why is everyone first choice paper products? :)

        Just kidding. Just reminded me of the pandemic first days.

        I have been stocking up. Not much for concern of a hurricane in AZ. I did start stocking extra food. Found a product I really liked. If you like strawberries its a good tasting product, small and compact so storage was not an issue.
        We offer a great selection of emergency freeze dried food! Browse our selection and prepare for an emergency!

        Stay safe out there!


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          lol lol lol lol .....good point I am not atf.....good point.

          I have a stash of paper products and have a level here which I call "Bank." I try to maintain it while I can. However...I have also installed a bidet.....on my toilet just in case.. WE still here....know how to do a "manual overide" if necessary.....

          I think many of us here in America have little to no manual overrides should things go south so to speak.

          Which reminds me...I need to check on my stash of potassium iodide tablets and also my radiation counter....

          IN particular i need to get fresh AAA batteries...for it....also for the one I keep at work in my locker.

          But in essence you are correct...



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            I keep a few 24 packs, as a bachelor that's a a fair reserve. I'd rather look for food, vs tp. As to why l have no idea. Maybe because they cannot conceive how a firearm and bullets can get food, or storing food stocks in a proper fashion is too hard for them. You know balanced diet, fresh veggies etc.

            People are probably just starting to thin their excess tp out after 2 years.


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              What i_am_not_atf isn't saying is how many sites have banned him for spam and not the eating kind. Well, i_am_not_atf as very few people post here, your link to your site that sells survival food will not find many customers here. Those that do post here already have long term survival food and more.

              We have a garden and heirloom seeds. Legumes or beans are great survival food; in addition, the seeds will grow and produce legumes to eat and dry for next year's resupply. Where we live has game and fish.
              Same as Garand and AJ, we have firearms and the ability to reload more ammo.
              If you want to join the group and discuss survival, welcome. If you want to sell a product; the market here is slim as all of us already have long term survival supplies, defense supplies and even fish mox and more.


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                Checked my private radiation counter at work and discovered two of the AAA batteries in it were leaking. I threw all of the AAA Batteries away ...kept in a separate series of double bags...and double bagged fresh AAA batteries ..six of them.

                This only after I put fresh batteries in my radiation counter and did an op check on it...then removed the batteries.

                Will be doing the same here with my home radiation counter stored near this computer in a waterproof Plano fishing lure container.

                Soon...enough......Winter is coming.....

                Not an Ishmaelite.
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                  The "BPA free" and food grade were a wise choices.

                  Before people knew the dangers of BPA, they'd use BPA plastic for long term food storage. Many would buy a case of drinking water and if it wasn't needed, they'd store it until it was needed.


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                    Some friends of mine, who drifted away have moved closer, And they have seen the elephant to quote the civil war expression. We talked about building a DIY BERKELEY Water system. So now im being pelted about all sorts of questions. From A-Z radios, food prep, storage, water filtration. OMG!! I'm stoked!


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                      Same as preps, no matter how many rolls of TP, you have sooner or later; it will be gone.
                      After it is, use wet paper or cloth. The American Indians didn't have TP and somehow they managed.


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                        Yup! Odd how that works isn't it. Paper became widely available in the 15th century, but in the Western world, modern commercially available toilet paper didn't originate until 1857, when Joseph Gayetty of New York marketed a "Medicated Paper, for the Water-Closet,” sold in packages of 500 sheets for 50 cents. one of those UFIs for y'alls ​


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                          Well, wet paper from a book is a bit more scratchy than the real deal.
                          If and when needed even paper napkins work. OTOH, most alternatives are not wise for a septic system; that is if one has enough water to flush.
                          I have a shovel and lots of places to dig a cat hole. There is preparing for a WROL and imagining one will be able to flush. LOL
                          Our forebearers dug a deep hole, true?