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everybody "thinks" that they'll be the boss of their "group".

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  • everybody "thinks" that they'll be the boss of their "group".

    well, half of your group wont show up. They'll get killed while looking for a pet or a kid, or some other such nonsense, You can't get 5 men to agree upon what rifle and load the group will use, for interchangability and generality of training. About the time you tell Joe or Ron that they have to pull extra guard duty, or discipline their kids better, one of them will shoot you in the back. If they show up at all, that is, and dont each brine a dozen worthless, unplanned-for, no gear, no food people along with them.

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    the only groups here will be family units, blood and marriage is thicker than any lose group set up.
    anyway I dont know any non family members I trust that much.


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      that's better odds, but half of marriages end up in divorce, even in modern, un-stressed times. Many a family member has sold out a relative for years in prison, to avoid doing a mere weekend in jail. Blood ties dont mean much.


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        better than nothing but blood means little and marriage means even less.


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          depends on the marriage i guess, number 2 wife I would agree with you, current wife 23 years so far.


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            Unfortunately, this is why 'religious' groups are likely to endure. Beyond any 'counter-factual' stuff that would leave them trapped by dogma, they'll have a hierarchy and defer to it.

            Note my use of small-r : we've seen how faith-based 'positions' can become entrenched, counter-factual, shocking evidence denied.
            Be NOT There...


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              maybe, but i"d not count on it. Me, wife and her kid, that's it. for the first year and/or until we've life or death have to have something that we can't just barter-for, via graffiti message arrows at night, and then by dead drop, at night. Go thru all of the crud and then catch some disease from other people? Eff that noise