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What do you "FEAR" about the 2019-coronavirus...???

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  • What do you "FEAR" about the 2019-coronavirus...???

    What do you "FEAR" about the 2019-coronavirus...???

    I fear getting it would likely be fatal for me. And it is a horrible way to die. But there is nothing much I can do about that.....other then stick hard to the plan.....which will be hard.

    If I don't die......I truly believe the economic and social ramifications of this "Pandemic" will be far more horrific then people are currently thinking. I think this is "IT" (Not TEOTWAWKI) but this will be far worse then the Great Depression. The plague will be a easy compared to what must come after.
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    One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.

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    I fear stupid people, panicking and panic buying.


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      Originally posted by grumpygremlin View Post
      I fear stupid people, panicking and panic buying.
      I fear the silly rabbits that don't have months or years of everything they could need, "EVERYTHING".

      They are going to be a problem, but then so will the government.
      One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.


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        I fear for my wife. She is in the High Risk category. We are prepared, and could be quarantined with a minimal inconvenience. If my wife was exposed it could be life threatening to be sure.
        The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

        Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you are stupid, and make bad decisions.


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          I "fear" the COVIC-19 like I fear a forecast of strong winds right before I head out on another road trip. I plan, I prepare, and I leave on time. The trip may be delayed along the way. The winds may cause detours. But I make my plans and God directs my steps.

          Growing up in the '70s and watching George Jettson, we all thought we would have flying cars by now. But no, we are still being reminded to wash our hands to prevent getting sick.

          I fear this bug will take my Dad. He just turned 88 last week and except for his mind, is still going strong. He now lives in a memory care facility and those are very high-risk communities. I would wish a better death for him than coughing to the point of exhaustion.

          If it was man made it can be man re-made.


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            My immediate family and I are ok--not high risk--so (fingers crossed) we'll get through, but I worry about certain of my students, some of them are from abroad and apart from just the emotional turmoil of being far from home, they may actually get stranded somewhere between host families and actual 'home'. Also, certain students are high risk. And even some of us/them who are not are high risk are going to be hit by this thing, to one extent or another.

            I also worry about people going apeshit because they've got a movie version of how this sort of thing is supposed to play out and they cuase some version of TEOTWAWKI by thinking that we're already there.

            Also--if I do get sick, I worry about those around me. But maybe that goes without saying.
            Been there, done that. Then been there again several times, because apparently I never learn.


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              I am starting to shift my attention to "Catastrophic Depression". Which I envision as likely to start by mid summer or early fall. I am looking a prepping for "The Great Depression 1929" Times 10 or maybe times 30. I really feel what comes out of this COVID-19 will be the super yucky and not the actual pandemic.
              One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.


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                I am most concerned about the economic disruption. My larder is deep enough, I keep enough hygiene products in store that I am not scrambling around to hunt any TP.
                I am hoping to retire in 5 years, but an unsettled economy could postpone that.
                I am classified as essential personnel in an essential industry so no quarantine unless directly exposed to the WuFlu


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                  IMHO, the biggest worry is watching societal cracks developing, many driven by mix of incompetence, stupidity and arrogance, wondering what will fail next...

                  Learning that entire Spanish care homes were abandoned by their staff is heart-breaking. As yet unclear if bodies within died prior or post abandonment.

                  Learning that in Iran big crowds forced entry to three (3) mega-mosques closed to enforce 'social distancing'. IIRC, a couple more days before infections caught there 'go large'.

                  Learning that a big town in Bangladesh held an unauthorised mega-prayer-meet, attendance estimates range from 10k to 30k (sources), where they recited healing verses from the K-Book. As with Iran, there's a couple more days before infections caught thus peak.

                  Worse, if they get lucky and there's no serious spike, it will be attributed to the power of prayer...

                  Learning that previous US administration did not authorise funds to re-stock the 'Federal Reserve' of PPE depleted by SARS.

                  Several of my neighbours who were visiting family in Australia came home on literally the last scheduled long-haul flight before the route's airports and borders closed. If they'd missed a connection, they'd be stranded until the Autumn. They're now in 'home isolation' to be sure, to be sure...

                  New York, New York: IIRC, USN has sent two hospital ships, as medical facilities ashore are collapsing towards 'Code Black'.

                  Watching news out of Brazil, where the inimitable Bolonsaro is talking down the severity of Covid's threat, dismissing 'personal distancing' calls. Either he simply cannot accept reality differs from his take, or he's hoping Covid will cull the favelas...

                  Oh, remember that Chinese doctor who raised the alert in Wuhan, was totally pilloried for it ? He's been cleared of the local reprimand following review by 'Highest Levels' of Chinese government, has received a full, formal apology. Posthumous, sadly, as Covid got him...
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                    The thing I "fear" is the fear/panic of other people and what crazy things they may be led to do. But I'm prepared


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                      Stupid unthinking people.


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                        I have someone who is riding out the pandemic storm with my daughter and me. I am glad he is here (just a friend), as he is another pair of eyes, and in general a very large man on the premises, wont mess with the residents of the property, as they more likely would with a small woman and a 10 year old child.

                        The friend as been more lax about what self-isolation means, as his son does come to my gate , and is closer to my friend than I care, and the son is not self isolating, but not partying it up either.

                        We are pretty self sufficient here for about 6 to 8 months, and we stocked up his sons place about 8 weeks ago, as teaching him how to prep, not just because of the pandemic. I am.not sure exchanging vehicles with the son's friends in it for my friends vehicle just to change out a stereo was a risk we need to take.

                        I wont say I am high risk, but I am prone to Bronchitis that can last for months, and I have had pneumonia. Like yesterday, the only thing we have ran out of in the 3 weeks of self isolating was 3inch deck screws (all the projects we have been building - I should have has 25lbs). I preordered and paid by phone, and the building supply guys, set them on the sidewalk for me to get.

                        My daughter and I are used to being solidarity from having lived remote, but my friend isnt used to.not going to work or socializing , so I know it has been difficult for him. We have been keeping busy building huge chick brooders, raised 4x16ftx4fttall potato beds, other raised beds, bee hive stands for 11 hives, finally hooking up the 45wt ham radio, etc to.keep him busy during the day... we change it up at night before he heads out to the little cabin he lives in on my property... after dinner we play board gamed or watch a movie. We went on a 3 hr hike across from my driveway on the logging roads over there.

                        In my SHTF scenario, I never figured one of my "tribe" would be hard to wrangle for self isolating, so currently that is my only fear.
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                          That the walking zombies won't come . I mean no shooting various brain dead mouth breathers. Or maybe my biggest letdown.


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                            Now that this has lasted as long as it has for me new fears have come up. I am very concerned about the civil liberties that have been destroyed. Will we get them back? I also fear that this new rate of unemployment will last for a very long time. Who knows how many companies will not survive this, and will never come back? Virtually every company that has let people go will find many of those people are no longer needed. They will go on with what they have. IMHO we have not seen the worst of this, nor have we seen the last.
                            The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

                            Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you are stupid, and make bad decisions.


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                              OK serious time here. The biggest fear is that nothing will change, that after this it will go back to the way it was. theres all this talk of globalism and how its good, but it points out that as we have become a more global economy , we become dependent on somebody else. As countries this should not be the case . The issue is shown right now when DT says 3M you should not be selling masks to Canada , you should be keeping it all here in the nation. Fine and dandy but remembering it can boomerang Canada could retaliate then where does it leave us?
                              The elites who say theres nothing to fear , and preppers are crazy, guns should not be owned by civilians, etc. The NANNY STATE that is the promised land of the SJW's ANTIFA, etc, that they are trying to force down our throats sickens me. I thought that self reliance was part of our core values is being pushed to the side by people that say that its wrong the state WILL take care of us. Well it has shown it can't. RANT OVER