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    I have twenty plus acres in mid USA,and I have an extra house that could be used by the right people for a bug in situation.Leaving here is not something I will consider,at least not far,or for long.We are surrounded by a lot of wilderness that could be used,but to me that is for extreme situation.This place is defensible I believe. Anyway the rent is very reasonable,lots of room to grow food,lots of wild life,a large pond.
    My motive is that we need help here,light house repair( I know how to do it,I just need help)gardening,prepping for defense,etc....There are jobs in a small town nearby,and more jobs in a medium size city 35 miles away.If anyone interested let me know.Prefer some man and woman team 30 to 40.This could be a permanent home for a couple,providing we all get along.
    I don't really have the hang of this site,so if I don't respond it's because I don't know how,so a little coaching is appreciated.
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