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Could you/Would you BURN your retreat down..???

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  • Could you/Would you BURN your retreat down..???

    Could you/Would you BURN your retreat down..???

    There is much conversation about trespassers/beggars/private property terrorist, etc..

    I wonder how long people realistically can defend a "FIXED" position, be that a retreat, a farm, a compound, a rural cabin in the wilderness.

    It is the nature of being human that people believe that "THEY" will not be a victim of conflict. Everyone on these boards thinks "THEY" have it all figured out, they a smart, they have prepared, practiced, stayed health & fit.

    (Or maybe they have not........)

    Anyway to get to the point.......I some years ago made the painful decision that if the SHTF my best chance for survival for six months to thirty-six months would require burning the homestead to the ground, and retreat deeper into the Alaska wilderness.

    More along the line of scorched earth. If I have abandoned this property, the last thing I want is someone in the area. And if I retreated, and then came back two months later to recapture the property, it would just be a matter of time till the next person shows up.

    My most unwavering belief is that my best chance for survival is to avoid "ALL" human contact for at least six months, and maybe a lot longer.

    I hope it never comes to that.......but better to be prepared. Especially being old.
    One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.

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    Sourdough, that's a tall order your asking for. There are a ton of variables that anyone will have to figure out on how long can they stay in a fixed position. There are a number of questions that you can answer to get a rough idea of how long you could hold onto your defensive position.

    1. How many defenders do you have?
    2. How well trained in defensive tactics are your defenders?
    3. How well equipped are you and your defenders?
    4. What preparations have you made to defend your location?
    5. Are there any natural or man made features that limit your attackers routes of attack?
    6. How many attackers/invaders are you fighting?
    7. How well trained do your attackers appear to be.
    8. How well equipped are your attackers?
    9. What are you willing to do to keep your position and stuff?

    #10. This is the big one....WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO LOSE TO KEEP WHAT YOU HAVE?

    That's the question for most that is almost impossible to answer. If your going to go into harms way and have a fire fight/combat action with people that have come to take what is yours, there is a real world chance that you may loose your loved ones. Can you deal with watching your spouse bleed out, with watching your children being ripped apart by bullets or other family or friends dying.

    For a TEOTWAWKI scenario though a prepper has to guesstimate what his enemy will be. It's not very realistic to figure an armed group with a tank and trained infantry soldiers and logistical support are coming down the road hunting all survivors. That's more Hollywood than realistic

    What is more realistic is that small groups (2 to 12) of rag tag teens or parents that are untrained but desperate enough to be dangerous will be looking for whatever they can use that they can take by force. The remains of gangs, prison escapees and others will be a concern. Much will be determined by where your located and what has happened and how many survived.

    My experience and training is different than most, but I was taught that a good offense is a good defense. This will have to do more with question #9 than any of the others. If you are good at hunting (especially men) and keep your area patrolled so that you know who is in your AO, you get to decide what happens, when and how. If this contact may lead to an attack on your "Home" are you going to let that happen. Cheap walkie talkies could be great for this.

    To answer Sourdoughs opening question, " Would you burn your retreat down?". If it came to that point that I thought my family may die, we would bug out through pre-arranged paths in the perimeter and when our attackers got inside. It will be the last thing they do and I won't use fire to do it. Clean up will be a mess.

    Just my view.