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My "SINGLE" best advise........"HIDE"

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    my point exactly.


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      Originally posted by registror View Post
      somebody in your group will poison you or put a knife in your back. Everybody "thinks" they''ll be the boss and tell everyone what to do. Everyone else is thinking " the eff I will". You''d need a dozen unattached, equipped skilled men and you can't get them. What you'll get is old folks, kids and women coming with them. You can't get 5 men to agree upon one rifle or load, and you"think' they are going to agree on food rations, medical supplies, guard duty, latrine duty, patrols, child discipline? Do you have a CLUE how deranged most will be over what they've lost?
      Might I'd ask how will the "dozen unattached, equipped skilled men" be fed, supplied etc.? If one one of the dozen is hurt; how would you take care of them?
      Yes, I can guess which is why, you'd be the first they'd divest.