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FEMA Concentration Camps? read this

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  • FEMA Concentration Camps? read this

    Today while I was searching for a job, a recruiter in Massachussetts told me one of his friends heard about "FEMA Camps'? I googled just FEMA and this is what I found. here is an exerpt. Anyone heard of these 'fema camps'

    He responded by admitting that FEMA WAS ONLY A FRONT FOR SUCH OPERATIONS, and that IN FACT IT WOULD BE THE US MILITARY (with foreign troop assistance, UN/NATO/Pfp etc.,) OPERATING THE BOXCARS AND DEATHCAMPS.

    "When taking captives under MARTIAL LAW, we might even use a black flagged person who is going to die anyhow, and MAKE THEM AN EXAMPLE TO THE OTHER PEOPLE WE ARREST TO NOT MESS WITH US AND executing that person in front of the others...a form of CONTROL THRU FEAR."

    Under "REX 84" the President could declare a state of emergency, empowering the head of FEMA to take control of the internal infrastructure of the United States and suspend the constitution. The President could invoke executive orders 11000 through 11004 which would:
    1. Draft all citizens into work forces under government supervision.
    2. Empower the postmaster to register all men, women and children.
    3. Seize all airports and aircraft.
    4. Seize all housing and establish forced relocation of citizens.
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    I would be 100% freaked out if I believed it was absolutely true, and in reality a kind of internment type camp. I know this is going around all over the place, and it is troublesome, but I understand that all the "fact checkers" (snopes, Glen Beck, Lou Dobbs etc) are investingating this and trying to find the truth. So far, they have not been able to come up with anything concrete.
    I believe that FEMA (and the government) has contingency plans in place should there be another natural disaster or real emergency (attack,epidemic). That is their job, I'm thankful that they might actually be doing their job for once. The coffins/body bags are also a normal part of contingency planning...not pleasant, but nessesary. An epidemic/pandemic is something that the government, scientific people, health care people have been talking about for years and also planning for. My thinking is that these things have always been around to some degree, but now the press and the internet are making them more available for us to hear about.
    I have also heard that there is a secret plan to round up all of us who are not mildly going along with the governments BS and will be putting us in these "camps". Scary thought that they would round up a grandma from her garden and take her to a camp, never to be heard from again (and my little dogs too?)....I honestly think that internet and press have made some of these things impossible now a days.
    I will however, remain alert, to see how this will unfold. Panic won't help us.:)


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      I don't believe there is some conspiracy involving camps to round people up, but I never believed america would elect a socialist.

      Just in case it is true-

      Open letter to those who would round me up:

      To Whom it May Concern:
      I refuse to accept suspending of my rights, as they were given to me by God, not the chief executive. The bill of rights are an acknowledgement of those rights, not a granting. So if you come to my house to round me up, I regretfully inform you that one of us may come to harm.
      I am probably already one of those who are black flagged, and must assume that I will be made an example of anyway, so if you attempt to use force on me, I must respond in kind.

      Your Neighbor,

      Freedom Loving Americans.

      PS: I didn't tell you which house I am in, I am probably in more of them than you think. There are those of us who remember what happened to Jews who went to camps.
      My weapon can kill, it isn't limited to mere assault


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        i know your new so i wont pick on you but yes most of us seen all that months ago i dont know if i would want that guy being my friend your choice but there is also a map and coordinates online as well i just have to get passed ashville then ill be safe look it up seriously
        the pack that plays together stays together


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          There is a map of all the "FEMA" camps in the U.S. on one of the web sites. Currently they are unmanned and only a minimum staff at these locations. Don't be surprised when martial law is placed on the American public that these locations will fill virtually over night.

          The last fifty years has been spent making ready the American public for the "camps" thru the printed media and T.V. now...the pigs in Washington District of Criminals are ready for us.

          We either hang together, or we hang seperately.


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            What website has the maps or locations of these camps?


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              I just found this video...


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                There are quite a few videos on YouTube dealing with this subject.


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                  Here is my take on the subject:

                  As I said in that all of my years of military/law enforcement/federal employment, I have yet to come across one shred of evidence that absolutely, positively, points to the existence of these camps.

                  I am not saying they are just a rumor, I am just saying that if they are a reality, I am very surprised I have never heard of them outside of civilian speculation.


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                    I work for DOC and i wonder what my role in this whole thing would be. My institution can hold 2000 inmates/people. If fema plans to exterminate people what would the fate be of the thousands of criminals in prison.


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                      We, as Americans, don't believe this can happen to us. You can live in what ever layer of denial you are after all a person of free will. Reality has just jumped up and bitten you on your back side. The prison camps do exist and are located virtually every where in the U.S.

                      Dig deeper. These isolated internment centers are not designed to house people until they recover from some real (or imagined) illness. They are designed to destroy humanity and reduce population.

                      I would suggest that you enjoy your moment of denial while you can.


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                        We need to wake up. We all remember what happened to people who went to camps in nazi germany.


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                          I was given a little info on this several months ago. I was given pictures of what were supposed to be the prisoner box cars in a remote area of Montana. Its a little bit to risky not to believe it in my oppinion. Just because this is supposed to be a free country doesn't mean it always will be and these things cant happen.
                          "No man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent"


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                            There are multiple examples of the FEMA camps on "youtube" if you are interested. Some of the conservative talk show host are shown discussing these concentration camps. Understand that what you are seeing on youtube "may be" just innocuous buildings being constructed for housing God fearing Americans so that they will have a place in out of the cold. And...yes, the "gov-a-ment" has always taken care of us before...You make the call.
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