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Blackout curtains when TSHTF

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    Hi, I buy the Blackout Curtains from:, and i think it just work, but not like what i think.


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      blackout curtains are something that is in low supply in the UK, better to use timber or some sort of plastic.


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        After SHTF, I doubt we will have electricity.
        Blackout curtains will still be quite useful as they will stop any source of light. What will those sources be? To list a few candles, solar power, burning wood for heat and many more.
        An inexpensive blackout curtain can be made from a tarp. I have one on the boat that blocks light from a 10,000 lumen flashlight showing through. Staples and duct tape would seal around it.


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          I use 3/4" plywood over all Windows just like when we get a hurricane. I have also enclosed part off my patio so that my generator can run with less noise.


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            I have a 25 kW generator, it runs everything in the whole house effortlessly. Although, our power supply is underground; GA Power's lines are above ground. Often after a few days of rain followed by high winds falling trees take the lines down.


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              I installed Blackout curtains last winter. And I also installed removable bear boards (3/4" CDX)
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