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Deer Cart to compliment BOB

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    I wrote a few threads on this subject 3-4 years ago. Some has photos of current types. Look them up under "Lessons Plan *** then title)

    Things to remember using a cart as part of your BOB.

    Your cart will leave a trail that bad guys can follow.
    If going deep in the woods you will have problems with downed trees, width of tree trunks, stones, and swamp. How will you get around them?

    If you are using a cart as part of your BOB, you should have used it at least once a year to travel to your retreat. That way you know the way and can travel an easier path.


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      Nice thing if your cart is like a bike (or in-line, with bike-type tires): those yearly practice trips can be done without looking out of place. That right there, could be a key factor in deciding what version of cart to go with.

      Then again, if you use a deer cart, you could do the trip during hunting season and same thing.
      Been there, done that. Then been there again several times, because apparently I never learn.