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Cryptography article and challenge

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  • Cryptography article and challenge

    Like Skyowls wife, I am a big fan of cryptography and information hiding. I have several programs devoted to steganography, encryption, QR code... I even did a little experimentation data fragmentation, binary and PGP... I would convert information to binary, fragment the information, encrypt the information and then fragment the PGP data... It was hit and miss, but cool to play with... anyway, I am now working with old school cryptography. I am doing this as an alternative to automated cryptography because I doubt computers will be a primary form of communication in a SHTF situation. Most folks will be using radios and written comms..

    One of the most secure methods of "old school" cryptography is something called "One Time Pad" or "Vernam" Cipher. The last post on using a book as a cipher tool was a type of One Time Pad cipher. If used correctly, this type of encryption is thought to be impossible to crack. I don't know if this is true, but for SHTF situations... it might be a good choice of secure communications.

    I can tell you for sure that the field expedient methods I will discuss are not true to the criteria set for proper One Time Pad encryption....They will be a pretty secure tool for most of the zombies and other nasty creatures that might be listening in on your radio communications.

    Back on track... The big "D" AKA Diesel asked me to prepare another article on this subject for the main site. I am going to attempt it this weekend. As a teaser and to give any interested persons a head start, I am including the alpha numeric substitution cipher tool in this post.

    I have completed several tests and think it will work properly. If you wish to participate in next weeks article and challenge, print this tool and stand by.... BTW... any former Military Intel folks with this type of experience are welcome to help me out... I am no expert on this stuff, just a fan...

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