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cell phone apps!

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  • cell phone apps!

    I have a tmobile phone with Android and I have found two killer apps for survival and they can be used for on and off line.

    App 1) army suvival manual is awesome and works perfect
    App 2) Knots guide works great pistorials are good

    Both these are free and can be put on your sd card so they dont take up phone space.

    Please post others you find for any phone server apps.

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    My tracks is a GPS app that logs your travel and gives you options for adding way points as well as said Ingram your data.


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      i have a great question how do i transfer to my sd card please help i have android eris htc
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        Originally posted by prkchp76 View Post
        i have a great question how do i transfer to my sd card please help i have android eris htc
        Go to setting- applications - manage applications. Click the app your wanting to move the rest is self explanatory.


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          Some Android Apps I recommend are:
          "S.O.S. Emergency Support" by American Red Cross
          This has lots of videos such as CPR, Bleeding, Wounds, Burns, Choking, Broken Bones, etc.

          The other emergency App is called "CPR Choking"
          This also has videos of what to do in an emergency.

          "USGS Quakes" for up to the minute earthquake info

          "Scanner Buddy" and "Scanner Radio" for scanning monitoring

          "Gas Buddy" to find the nearest gas and prices

          Hope those help !!!


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            MapDroyd - I have street level map of the entire US and Canada, about 1.7gb
            WikiDroyd - I have the entire wikipedia database ~8gb, it's 2 years old but still better than nothing

            I know most would frown on having a cell phone in a SHTF situation but having a map of the entire US in the palm of your hand? You can't beat that.


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              I agree the cell is a great tool for storing information, but I recommend that you also have a paper copy of anything you will have to RELY on. With no electricity, your battery will be an issue, so there are several shtf scenarios where that would be a problem. Also, some apps need to connect to a network to function......
              And then for those of us with the tin-foil hats.... my favorite app (My Traks) like many others could be reversed to track my location.

              And, look at your apps carefully when you are considering them. When you download an app, you give a certain number of "permissions". One big one that is showing up more and more is to track who you call, and who calls you....
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                One I use almost everyday is "swiss army knife". It has a flashlight, compass, bubble level, calculator, timer, stopwatch, ruler and magnifier all under one icon.
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                  this was brought up in another thread, but you should also consider getting a faraday bag for your cell phone. You may or may not have enough forewarning to use it, but they are cheap. Even if you loose all cell service, you would still be able to access all the stored data on your phone.
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                    Will be checking out MapDroyd. Would be needing that when traveling. Thanks fenixxx1.


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                      Great threat--wanted to say that and also give it a bump and keep myself in the loop in case any other ideas are posted.
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