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Encryption software...

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  • Rustyshakelford
    This is what I use. Is it any good?

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  • Diesel
    yeah i have played with it a long time ago. Always good to know and have in place.. although we really dont have anything to hide here...

    But def good to become an expert on it, and to be able to employ it if needed.

    I'm working on learning comm

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  • Zombie Axe
    started a topic Encryption software...

    Encryption software...

    I used to play around alot with encryption for communications (email). It was fun and it can be a very valuable thing to know how to do. Who knows, one of these days you may have a need to have your data encrypted. It may be that super top secret salsa recipe, letters from a old girlfriend, or a map of where your dog buries his bones.

    I will be playing around with some PGP software to see how much of it I remember from my old days.

    Once I get it up and running, I will be happy to help others on Xcolony setup their encryption, and maybe we can have an Xcolony key. A Xcolony key would let only those who had an encrypted key listed be able to decode the message (read the wiki for an overview). The keys could also be used indiviudally, but one must have a key to encode a message to the end user.

    On a side note. May want to look into for those wishing to ecrypt your hard and thumb drives...

    If you have NOTHING to hide, you shouldn't encrypt it... BS, privacy is a FREEDOM as much as speaking freely! Exercise YOUR rights!!!