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Handheld ham radio amplifier

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  • Handheld ham radio amplifier

    I am Interested in purchasing a handheld ham radio for SHTF situations. My question is there a way to amplify the signal when I am in my home or car to get higher Output wattages? I can only afford to purchase One radio and a handheld would be best for me due to size and weight and being able to put in a backpack. I am hoping there is an inexpensive way to boost power as needed if I am in my car for example. Thanks!

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    There are amplifiers available for portable radios.

    This is the first one that came to mind.

    There are tons more but I have used mirage amps for years and have had great results.
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      I run a Tokyo Hi-Power HL-160V on 2 meters (FM and SSB), and drive it with 3 watts out of a Yaesu FT-817. These have been discontinued, but you can find them used for under $150.

      A lot of hams run amps in their car or home shacks on two meters and drive them with an HT. Power outputs run anywhere from 50 to 150+ watts.