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Can someone educate me on radios?

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  • Can someone educate me on radios?

    I was looking around for some radios. At first I was planning on getting some GMRS radios because they seem to have decent coverage. I do understand that they will only get a percentage of what they say they have if they are used in the woods. Could someone list a few different types of radios and their purposes and a round about price? I think for the moment we will get some $30 radios until I do enough research and find what is going to work for us.

    Thank you.

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    ZA can educate you... the amount of commo knowledge he has, well, it will make your head spin and you will drown in the acronyms.

    Our hunt group has switched from "bubble pack" radios to MURS radios; they have much greater range in the outdoors (woods/hills) and I just ordered two Kenwood TH-F6As, based on ZA's experience with them and the fact I can use an external antenna to increase their range- these are the BoB radios, but will get other use. The MURS are only about $80 each from I assume you have read throug ZA's posts; he really lays it down. Just my worthless two cents...



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      *LH* awww shucks;)

      Yes MURS are better than blister pack radios. It depends on what you think you need them for. I am totally sold on the Kenwood TH-F6A's as they offer a bunch in a small package.

      I say the BEST you can expect from those 25 mile range (ham radio walkie talkies do not get that unless the sender and receiver are on unobstructed mountaintops) GMRS radios is 2 miles and that is even a stretch! My GMRS work great for the homestead so they do have uses!

      Sorry folks I don't get around here much, working on the homestead, work, and being a dad take a bunch of my time up. If you have a question just PM me and I will try and get back to you real soon!

      Also be sure to read the ham radio primer sticky it gives you an overview of the HAM route!



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