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I need some help on Comm's please.

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  • I need some help on Comm's please.

    I have saved $500.00 that has been earmarked for comms. I am wanting to get the most bang for my buck as they say.

    Below is a list of items that I already have and want to expeand from:

    2- Bendix King VHF portable/handheld radios 136-174 freq range, both of these radios have 3 spare batteries each and have 2 clamshells each also. I use these daily for Fire/EMS calls. They are both owned by me.
    1-Motorola Digital radio. This is for when our department goes active with WYOLINK. Once this goes live it will take us from agalog VHF radios to digital
    6- Motorola FRS/GRMS radios. You know the kind that is blister packed with the 24 mile range (yeah right)
    1-Grundig shortwave radio. Still can't figure this thing out. All I can seem to get is radio stations from Mexico. Any suggestions on frequencies to listen to would be MUCH APPRECIATED.
    1-Bendix King mobile radio, again in the 136-174 range mounted in my truck.
    Several rechargeable batteries that plug into the wall. Looking at a portable solar panel soon to be able to charge other batteries.

    So what would you suggest on getting next to round out my comms? My guess is a HAM of some type.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I use a Kenwood 440 S AT, the frequencies are expanded to include 11 meter / citizens band. Cost around $900.00 10 years or so ago. I strongly suspect that when the time comes amateur operators will have either been shut down or "recruited" to support the government. I believe the FBI is already on this with Infragard . Many like ourselves will be attempting qso's on the CBs / 11mtr band .... just my personal opinion .... don't know as to the number of Hamms ..... but there used to be a bunch of cb'ers. Here is a link for a good listening wire

    Things are seldom what they seem.


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      I think you can find a used yeasu ft-857 in that price range. It makes a good all around communications rig. Once the MARS/CAP mod is done you can pretty much use it anywhere. Call the different Ham Radio Outlet stores and AES to find out who has a used one.
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