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DeLorme GPS & Satcom TXT Messenger

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  • DeLorme GPS & Satcom TXT Messenger

    DeLorme and SPOT—Handheld GPS Meets Satellite Communication

    Since word of our upcoming announcement is already trickling out, I thought I’d share a few details along with the press release that will be available at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
    SPOT Communicator

    As you may have heard, DeLorme has partnered with SPOT to release a new PN-Series GPS device that will use the SPOT satellite system to communicate text messages from remote locations where cell phones don’t have coverage. The PN-60w will connect wirelessly to the SPOT Communicator and be able to send free form text messages to friends and family as well as to websites like Twitter and Facebook. We’re also working closely with the folks at Groundspeak to deliver some very exciting geocaching features, including the ability to log finds directly from the field!


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    Sweet. I want one


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      Niiiiceee... how 'bout full internet access, webcam enabled, with an emergency crank! I'm sure it's around the corner. I'm somewhere between "where do I sign up" and "you gotta be kidding!" I like the idea of the GPS locators for emergencies, and the texting COULD prove useful in bug out scenarios... but I also like leaving it all behind...
      and if you are trying to disappear, this might not be the best thing to have around... But I do love me gadgets...