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wanting a survival radio for my bob

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  • wanting a survival radio for my bob

    Thinking about getting a survival radio for my bob. Any thoughts on the Yaesu VX-7R. If its not a good choice. please point the right way.
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    Yaesu makes a good radio. I have a 757-GX base and I like it. I looked this one up and it looks like a good radio.
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      I'm partial to the Yaesu FT-817. HF/VHF/UHF coverage that fits in a SAW pouch.


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        I'll vote for the Kenwood TH-F6a which gives you 144/220/440 as well as SSB RX on HF... great rig!


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          What do yall think about just a basic survival radio? One of the hand cranked kinds? I mean, yeah you woundn't have 2-way capability, but at least you'd be able to get some kinda news & they're only about 30 bucks.


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            You'd be getting questionable information from government controlled entities .... an mre would serve you better, not weigh as much and cost less ....

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              What's an MRE? In my lingo it's a Meal Ready to Eat, but I know it don't communicate too well.


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                This is a radio I picked up a while back that I keep in my BOB. Not a bad on e for 35-40 bucks. 7 weather bands, NOAA weather alert, AM/FM. water proof, Solar powered, crank powered and optional AA battery powered with the ability to plug into AC. Also has headphones to listen to 'quietly'. Comes with half a dozen or so cell phone adapters to charge your cell phone from the built in solar panel or crank. Pretty good little radio for the price. I bought a few so the wife has one and the kids as well as having a few backups. Oh and its got a cheasy flashlight and strobe, with a map light on back of the solar panel.
                I guess I'm too new to post pictures yet but if you google Kaito Voyager multiband radio it will come up. Check it out and see what you think.