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  • 10-40 miles?

    I work in a decent size city with my working on the opposite side. I've been trying to figure out what would get the job done. Cost is an issue but I'm wanting some kind of handheld that will reach at least 20 miles. I've searched through the posts here but still can't find what I'm looking for or I've over looked it, lol. I want to keep the radios in her car and mine. If it does hit the fan then we'd have a way to communicate. I'm looking for actual radios. I was looking at the Midland GXT950VP4 but from what I've read on here I don't think they'd cut it.

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    For all intents and purposes, it is impossible to have reliable handheld simplex (radio-to-radio) commo over that distance. On a low frequency band with ideal atmospheric skip conditions it is possible, but not reliably.

    I would recommend pursuing a ham license and utilizing a local repeater, or get a GMRS license and use those repeaters if they are in your area.

    The radio you mentioned is nothing but a ridiculous little FRS/GMRS "bubble pack" radio with crazy mileage claims created by a marketing department...when something seems too good to be true, just follow the money. The only way you will ever see more than a few miles from those radios is from mountaintop to mountaintop. UHF frequencies (which is where FRS/GMRS falls) are line-of-sight. Although, like I said, if you have LOS to a repeater site, you can use a repeater-capable, quality GMRS radio to access the repeater.


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      If I go the ham route what would be some good handheld choices?


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        Amateur radio towers and accessories, aluminum tubing, coax & cable, wifi towers and more.

        Pretty much anything in the Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, Alinco category.

        Can get out right under $95 for a single band HT (144mhz aka 2 meter band)

        Very great price for an HT :)


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          might not be exactly what you were looking for but you could use your handheld over that distance...
          you would just need to be at home or at your car
          then you could use and external antenna and possible an amp
          that might get you there

          wish I had a picture one year at a ham fest as a joke i mounted a steel plate to a hardhat and walked around the fest with my ft-60 on my hip and a mobile mag mount on the great reception...


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            [I'm wanting some kind of handheld that will reach at least 20 miles. I've searched through the posts here but still can't find what I'm looking for]

            There is not a hand held available that will truly meet your expectations, although their advertisements are to the contrary. Also keep in mind when the time comes all frequencies will be overloaded.... repeater use ..... good luck with that.... your best chance of getting through the clutter will be in the HF band which is Citizens band and 10 meter Amateur. If you intended on keeping your radios in the car any way I recommend you invest in quality mobile CB radios in line with a 150 - 200 watt linear amp and a 102 inch steel whip. It might look a little gaudy but there is no antenna .... to my limited knowledge... that will out perform a steel whip which is properly tuned ....especially in an area with obstructions

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              messenger pigeons anyone?...ha ha


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                i have been wanting a ham radio for about 2 years. they are used in the north georgia mountains 'cause that's the best way to communicate between mtn folk. i would like to know what i should be looking at for the least amount of money.

                i think i can talk a friend, mark, into getting one/two!!!!!!!!!!!