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Need antennas

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  • Need antennas

    Ok thanks to someone else posting this pic in another thread gave me an idea. I was going to just run heavy mono filament from the front bumper to the roof rack. After seeing this pic I want to mount a pair of antennas to the corners of the front bumper and then just curve them back. The mounts available these days are not nearly as tough as these. I do not remember if the actual antenna was steel or fiberglass. I would prefer steel. The 102" whips you find now are too thin and bend easily. Anyone with any thoughts or ideas on this?

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    May be easier to locate Hummer antenna mounts... I have seen those antennas for sale... but not very often... Hummer mounts are plentiful on ebay though...


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      I did manage to find the bottom feed section minus the spring and whip at several places. Talk about OUCH factor they are around $350!!! I also located the large knob antenna tip and they are fairly inexpensive.