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Let's Talk Ham Radio

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  • Let's Talk Ham Radio

    Hey guys who here is a HAM expert?

    Looking for info and help understanding bands, meters etc

    For personal local communications group, friends, shtf Handheld i have been looking at
    Yaesu VX-170

    and the Icom IC-V8

    any feedback?

    As for a home unit
    Trying to figure out if i should invest in a desktop type model or a mobile model that can run on desktop or in vehicle, and how diverse i should go, how many bands, ranges, what kind of bizzar features are needed etc is 200 watts going to be alot better than 100 watts? I do understand antenna is everything

    Also lastly been reading here and there about ip over ham? does that mean you could actually transmit data in the form of text email or fax over airwaves via a keyboard or something?


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    I hear nothing but good things about the Icom lineup. Personally I would invest in the portable units but the desktop ones are much more versatile. Distances and conditions are everthing I'm sure so can you define what you are hoping to accomplish? You may be just as prepared going for a single sideband radio as an expensive HAM setup.


    • #3 VX-170 review IC-V8 review

      I can't comment on the IC-V8 other than I do prefer the BNC connector over the the SMA antenna connector. Another nod to the IC-V8 sport for the option to use AA's batteries instead of the rechargeable kind and still get 5.5 watts. My other HT's (handie talkies) have options to use alkalines as well but they are limited to .5 watts. Of course they are much smaller radios.

      My wife has and uses the VX-150 which is an older version on the VX-170. Very easy to use radio and has great TX/RX and makes a great scanner if your public service (police/fire/ems) still use VHF.

      Both radios are great units!

      I really love the Kenwood TH-F6A in fact the Kenwoods are my most abundant ham radios, but I have Icom and Yaesu radios as well. Just need the right tools for the job!!!


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