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Ft 100 d in my truck....

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  • Ft 100 d in my truck....

    My main Bug out vehicle is my pick up....and hence I want to have the Coms working well in said vehicle.

    To my surprise, of recent, I discovered that the remote mount for the headpiece of the FT 100 radio was broken in the notch wherein it holds the radio secure.

    I managed to obtain two more but they did not quite fit correctly with the fasteners which came with my olde mount. Obtaining a micro set of taps....I drilled out the hole for the electric connection and tapped them for the available screws. While i was at it, I also tapped the second mount in like manner.

    Installing the mount and using the original long worked fine.and I made a local VHF contact to a fellow ham....this morning.

    This radio in particular has HF for long range coms and also VHF/UHF for short range coms. It has also been modified for the CB bands though this is not a good AM mode rig...but it is a great SSB mode rig...FM too. is good to have the Comms working again in my primary Bug Out Vehicle should the need arise.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

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    Need also to go through the BOB in the back of that truck for updates and some new gear..

    I mostly do not plan to bug out....but one never knows about I try to keep that option in mind...

    Want to figure out about HF in my car but it is a shoebox and room is a premium commodity in that vehicle..

    My truck is much more accommodating as far as radio gear..

    My non Ishmaelite .02,


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      I hear you, I've got a mazda 323. Very shoebox, not much space. BOB & a few things its full.


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        My Icom is 0.030-74.800 MHz TX/Rx capable.
        An old Kenwood TR 751A, 2 meter all mode even old splits, 5 to 25 watts out and a Baofeng Bf-F8HP dual band.

        I used to live near Ft Ritchie or Army Stratcom until it was deactivated, the underground pentagon, and Ft Bragg. Basically, all were high class targets. I figured I'd miss the aftermath of the first exchange.

        Edit to add.
        I have a Siltronix 1011C, basically it's a Swan 1011. 10 meter ham RX/TX and CB RX. No channels pure VFO. There's a CB - 28.5 switch on the front panel. Switch the wires and it's 10 meter RX and CB RX/TX.
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          Wow !!!..I remember the Olde Siltronix 1011...rigs...and also the first Yaesu FT 101 I first saw....fell in love with both rigs....but alas...

          At the time they were way out of my price range...

          Spent a long time dreaming of the day I could afford one.

          Not an Ishmaelite.


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            My Siltronix was toast; so it was very inexpensive. Tubes and change capacitors to cure its infamous frequency drifting.

            I have a 1980s Amp Supply RF amp. I'd go to Hamfests and buy radios and amps, usually more amps. Fix and resell. My old club had some real wizards to advise or even assist. After a few years, I bought the Amp Supply.


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     are reminding me.....

              I have a Ameritron 811H in my shack which is dying of arthritis....non use..

              Most of what I need to do with my friend out in Tennessee....I can do with some 20 to 40 watts.....and do fine most of the time on Phone.

              As a result Ameritron sees little use....Reckon I need to at least tune it up once in a while to clear out the to speak.

              Not an Ishmaelite.


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                For me to turn on the Amp Supply means rare DX. At this moment, it might have cobwebs inside.
                What I seriously dislike is almost everyone on 75 meters running serious RF out to do what you manage using 30 ±10 watts.


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                  Originally posted by Tugaloo View Post
                  For me to turn on the Amp Supply means rare DX. At this moment, it might have cobwebs inside.
                  What I seriously dislike is almost everyone on 75 meters running serious RF out to do what you manage using 30 ±10 watts.

                  Verily Agree...

                  I am ever grateful to the Olde Timers for teaching me that I do not have to constantly unzip to show who has the biggest one ...

                  Pardon the crudity.....but sometimes it is very appropriate to some folks on the airways.

                  My rig too has cobwebs....I am certain.

                  As little power out as needed...that was a significant lesson to learn from the Olde Timers....and I count my blessings for learning it.

                  Being able to run the extra class portion of the bands.helps greatly to get away from the clutter...and or madness.

                  Even before I got my ticket..I would watch closely and listen to certain Olde Timers...who seemed to know and understand more than the average CB operator...

                  As I recall...some of these Olde Timers..even on 11 meters were unusual in that they did not just let anyone in their groups...but you had to watch and listen carefully to learn how they operated.

                  Of course this has been taken much further now that I have my ticked...but even back on 11 meters I was speaking with some Hams...not knowing back then I would be making the Jump into the ham world. I am grateful to those folk too.

                  Particularly Bonner....WA4YOB....may he rest in peace. He never gave up on me....and I can still hear his grin ...from ear to ear when I told him on the air that I had gotten my extra class ticket.

                  I don't quite understand how...but Bonner...knew that myself and one other fellow would be getting our extra class ticket....but these other folk he named....would not. And it turned out precisely as he stated. The Olde Timer must have had radar!!!

                  And now you know.............. the rest of the story...

                  Not an Ishmaelite​
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                    Some exceed the legal limit to make a "local" QSO.

                    My method is less than legal limit, but more antenna gain. I'm piecing together a 3 element 5 band quad. But, too much is on my plate to get it done. The garden is the top priority.

                    During the 1970s solar cycle and 11 meters was hot. The Hi-fers as they called themselves operated above CB channel 40 (27.405) and below 10 meters (28.000). They'd add a leg to the chip and add TX to the SSB CBs RX. It was similar to a VFO, but limited to 3 to 6 kHz up or down.

                    My Elmer was W3DXA as he is a silent key, QRZ has no hits. Once he told me he put 18 people on the air, but not one Extra. He looked at me and said you have the speed. sonny.
                    I had my General class ticket and had everything I wanted. Anyhow, I drove 30 miles for my /AA and the next weekend 90 miles to add /AE.

                    Today, even the Extra Class sub bands (CW or phone) remind me of CB. People throwing carriers when DX-expeditions are on. The costs of those expeditions is huge.. It appears the FCC is just as useless as the rest of our government.


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                      I never much cared for never interested me for some reason.

                      Mayhap because I was such a free lancer on 11 meters and did enough DXing to last me a long long time

                      Wow...a Quad......for that is quite a goal...

                      I have made a vertical/horizontal quad for 2 meters with four elements but only ran it for a short time. It worked...but I never put it up high in the air.

                      I also have a 13 element 2 meter Yagi which I also took down some time back and never put back up; Always wanted to get two of them and cross them up on one boom....for both vertical and Horizontal.

                      I remember my elmer ...Bonner...WA4YOB had two multi element co phased Yagi beams ....and could reach out great distances with them on that tower...on 2 meters.

                      I liked working 2 meter SSB. Currently I only have my home made J pole dual band...up in a tree about 60 feet for local uses.

                      Agree about it sounding like the CB bands...

                      Ironically the CB bands around here are about dead now days.

                      I reckon most are on line or DVDs/Movies.

                      Not an Ishmaelite.


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                        Other than doing Field Day with my back home Ham Club; I've never been a contester. I'm a "DX hog" or when there was 320 counties in the world, I have a QSL card from 290 or more of them.
                        The only contesting I've ever done was VHF/UHF. A chef who worked in a fancy restaurant in Washington DC had a place on a mountain. I was a hired gun in a VHF/UHF contest. It was more because of the food than contesting. LOL
                        I was lured in for the food and also a few hundred miles on VHF/UHF was about as good as long path to Australia.

                        I have the 3" boom, spreaders, elements, wire, phasing lines, band switch, rotor and tower that is sitting on palettes. Currently, my focus is yard work, the garden and activities with our church and a heavy involvement with a horse ministry.

                        11 meters was fun, but never compared to the Ham bands.


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                          Found some problems with my FT 100 D radio in my truck. I cannot get the 75 meter resonator to properly function and or tune up...on that band. Going to have to check the system out from one end to the other. Thinking I have antenna problems or coaxial cable issues as the system has been there a long long time.

                          I will get to it in due time but have a new radiator to pick up tomorrow and install first...before solving the issues with the comms.

                          This is an olde truck and I have rebuilt the engine and the Hydraulic thing is that I do not owe anyone on it and it still runs....except for the radiator leak. I will run it into the ground....but would like the comms. to work.

                          VHF/UHF work fine....just questions on the HF Side.

                          One step at a step at a time and I will not let it work me.

                          Not an Ishamelite.


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                            My best guess would be it's the match. As it has been there for a long time; it could be as simple as moisture got into a connection.

                            Exactly, without a radiator your truck is useless.

                            I have all mode 2 meters in my truck, but rarely, if ever use it.


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                              Agree....most likely a connector problem....but one step at a time...

                              Have this FT 100 D in my truck and like it....

                              Only VHF/UHF in the car..

                              Not an Ishmaelite.